Viper Towel Holder Giveaway - 5 Winners!


Just don’t get ammonia on it! I was looking at ABS for the Samurai, but polypropylene is more chemically resistant. Especially with all the junk we tend to use (ammonia, vinegar, onerestore, etc).


I want one. :raising_hand_man:


This tool seems legit. This would solve my ‘towel over the shoulder’ problem! Hope I win. :slight_smile:


I work with Americans. If I win, send it to their place!!! Lol


In it to win it!


Would love to win!


DONE! Thanks for paticipating everyone! :slight_smile:

The winners are:

^I’ll reach out shortly for your shipping address.

The two other winners are from our Facebook page,


Dang. I never win anything.



Congrats boys!!!


I want to win!


Thanks. If only my Canadian friends could have won!


I like that! Lol.


If it helps Mike, a little birdie told me there are some headed to Canada as we speak. :wink:


Smart birds!!

You have been my guy :slight_smile:


Would love to try 1