Viper Towel Holder Giveaway - 5 Winners!


We have FIVE free Viper Towel Holders to give away today!

You can check out the product here: Viper Towel Holder

To be included in the giveaway all you need to do is post here first and we’ll pick 5 random winners. :slight_smile: (USA only please!)



I win!!!

Nevermind, I’m Canadian lol.


Never tried a viper, did I win one?


That’s awesome!!!


I’m always looking for new ways to hold more towels! I would like to give this a try.


Bring on the venom.


How is the longevity?


I will try it- especially if its free.


Thanks for the giveaway!


Posting here.


Doesn’t seem practical, prove me wrong!


I just got one of these! Love it so far would love more :grin:


Thanks for the chance to win.


I’d love one!


Thanks for the opportunity.


I like the viper, I use it daily it’s very durable.


Should be pretty tough I think he said he used abs? Just don’t get chemicals on it or it will discolor.


Sign me up


It is.


Sign me up guys! Ill love to try it!