Do you guys use vinegar with your solution? Would you recommend I use it? Heard people say you don’t need it and heard people swear by it. Anyone input?


Personal preference. You don’t need it. Used generously it keeps your wash sleeve from stinking like mildew :open_mouth:


Vinegar, ascetic acid, is a good cleaning solvent and has a freezing point several degrees below water but doesn’t give very good glide, relative to WC soap. If you are only doing straight pulls perhaps vinegar would be okay.


I use it to dye eggs at Easter.


I’ll keep that in mind come Easter time hahaha


I’ll use it with 0000 steel wool for removing hard water staining , so long as it’s not too terrible.


Allow some to dwell in the tracks for a bit with baking soda then clean out with soapy water.


Good for rusty tools, soak overnight.


Sounds like something my grandma would do, vinegar and newspaper. Lol :joy:


Though it works well, I’d dedicate one sleeve to it, as it leaves them in terrible condition.


Thanks for the info. Your that young window cleaner right? Probably hate being called that all the time. Recognized the logo from your YouTube. So awesome you were able to start a business so young.


vinegar will ruin tint so be aware


I use a little bit of it with my soaps. It helps get that white haze off from windows. Never seen it hurt window tint yet like @Steve076 was warning against. And it smells good in my window cleaning solution… or maybe it’s a chemical reaction and it is possibly some form of mustard gas?


Its an acid, even tho its mild it will cause damage over time and will degrade the surface, and ammonia will just make it peel and cloud.

both window cleaners use regularly many do not know that the reason your customers tint looks like that might be your solution…


Seems likely


Honestly I think I made a mistake after googling stuff, IDK I haven’t slept , I read an estimate I sent out this morning with so many errors in I must have seemed like a illiterate to this customer.
Apparently vinegar seems safe, just don’t use ammonia on tint.
Good luck and have fun :hushed:


Oh it can hurt tint if @Steve076 says vinegar hurt tint. :wink:

That was me yesterday!
Yes it’s ammonia the will mess tint up not vinegar, but if you use to much vinegar on a salad it will surely mess that salad up! :wink:


I started drinking pickle juice, which has a lot of vinegar, out of the jar last year. At first I thought I was doing that because I was too energy efficient (aka lazy) to cook (or to clean the fridge) while my wife was gone on a 5 month vacation to the Phillipines.

After I Googled “pickle juice” I learned that it hydrates, is a muscle relaxant, aids digestion and more. Seems like my craving was a self correcting reaction to working so many long hours. I drink it all the time now.


Yes I am, its all good. Thank you! I love being able to start young, can’t wait until I get more time :stuck_out_tongue:


When I have it I use it but I don’t go out of my way to get it if I run out unless I just have a random urge to do so. From what I read, it does help with the light haze during hotter months when solution tries to dry quickly and also prevents streaks. You can get away with not using it though. Blue dawn and water will do the trick. Heck I have even seen people going as far as putting hydrogen peroxide in their solution for some reason, still don’t get that one.