Veteran (older?) cleaners, health?


Doggone it, I thought you were another go to of mine out in the field daily John

I better revisit exit strategies since I ain’t getting younger, I want to be a superhero though (don’t we all) lol


@Bruce, yes I’ve been in the business since I was 19 and now 44, but it’s really all the sports I have played throughout the years that did me in. I’ve been lucky enough not to have any over use injuries or arthritis related to window cleaning. Having two part time employees has really helped re-distribute the load, I put my young guy on the ladder and most pole work, I get the insides.


I can only dream of having someone do the ladder work. It’s pretty much all I do. Gets old after a while.


Learn to pole and get a WFP. Your feet will thank you.


For me it’s my trapezius muscles. My feet are also sore even though I wear orthotic inserts. Next week VA has me seeing a podiatrist for an additional foot pain that is starting to feel like arthritis.


I dont think many posted where work related?


32 lol. Give it time. I really believe my lumbar/hip problems are from years of ladder work, leaning slightly back all the time.


25 years ( started 1993 ). First Cervical Fusion was 2011 ( C-5-6-7 ) Second was 2016 ( C-3-4 ) Why I will be done for good soon and selling the remainder of my business. Surgeon says it was caused from looking up all the time…Hmmm - Me ? No !!!

Why didn’t you guys show off your X-Rays and MRI’s ?


Yikes! I did pole work back when it was a Pro Curve, no WFP like these days. I remember my neck killing me at the end if the day, and thankful when my pole days were over.

Now it’s just these %*$@ ladders.


Left shoulder after WFPing.


Nice. Ditto “Yikes.” My neck kills me from looking up. Am over 60, thighs, hands, back…ugghh.


I finally got a PT appointment with the VA. She found that pretty much every muscle on my left hip area is locked up. I told her what I do for a living and she understood immediately.

Fingers crossed, we’ll see if I can get rid of the pain soon. She’s the same age as me and said your 40’s are a real turning point with health issues.


That was my pain too until I got the belay glasses. Now my neck is better but the low back still hurts!


JY -

Do you do Pole work with the Belay Glasses and if so how are they to work with ?
I have considered something like this. I wondered if such design even existed.
I just looked at them on Amazon.


I do all 2nd and 3rd floor pole work with belay glasses that clip on my sunglasses. When I don’t need them they just flip up out of the way. They take some getting used to but I liked them immediately as they saved my neck.


55 years old. Cleaning windows 15 years. No issues, no joint replacements, not much pain. Work everyday in the field. Stretching, working out and a hot tub help I guess.

Still walking roofs


JY - Where do you get the flip style Belay Glasses ?


Amazon, about $40 I think