Van Wrap Advice


Take a peek at my van idea. What else should I consider when designing my decals. Are the colours ok?

I know I need to adjust and fit lettering to align with the body curves or be straight. Just looking to see your thoughts.


I see nothing?


Just uploaded visual


I think the overall design looks really good. The only issue I see is the way you word your services. The avarage person wont know what pure water, power or soft wash means. Because you say window cleaning specialists I would assume power and soft wash may relate to window cleaning. Imagine if it said carpet cleaning specialists we also offer power and soft washing I would think it is some type of special carpet cleaning. I would keep it simple and say windows cleaning specialists, we also offer external house washing or window and external house wash specialists.




My stupid opinion is it’s too much information which means no one will read it. The only eye-grabbing words are “Pacific Windows” and that doesn’t tell me what you do.


You are totally right my friend. Gotta keep it simple. The trucks we have in my city are all too “busy” when it comes to signage. Too much info. No opinion is stupid. Thanks!


Best truck I ever saw had POWER WASHING on the side in giant letters. On the passenger doors the name of the company and a phone number. That’s it. Of course our trucks would say WINDOW CLEANING in giant letters. JMO

Keep It Simple Stupid


The colors don’t help. Black on purple does not grab attention. The previous comments about the text are correct. Customers won’t care about “Pure Water”, they need to know who you are, what you do and how to reach you. That’s it. Everything else muddies the water.

Don’t try to fill every square foot of your van, even thought it’s tempting. Blank space helps us to read your wrap.


I see vehicles wrapped all the time with so much writing and graphics all over. After you pass it in traffic you think… “Wow, I wonder what they do.”
Your eyes get lost in everything on the vehicle.

As mentioned earlier, Keep it simple.


I was just playing around some more. How about now? Also, would you guys mind posting pics of your vans? Inside works too as I would love to re organize my van in a way that makes sense.


Tons of great setup in the garage category here…

And in vehicles category…

I like the simplistic. Company name, service you offer big and bold and your # big and bold!


Honestly I like the first design better but simplify the message as stated above. I suspect you are beyond this point already.


Oh yeah. I have so many ideas but simplicity always works best


Do you have a company designing them for You, or are you using a program(other than Photoshop). I’m googling it anyways as I type. :slight_smile:


I play with photoshop however when the time comes I will hire a conpany for help.


People say that getting a van wrap can be a game changer as far as ROI. I think they are around $3-5,000. May be a lot of money for a newer business. I know I have already started looking into it for my dodge caravan. I have not even washed a window yet! Lol


At least it’ll look like you have with a wrap :wink: