Using a sedan?


Has anyone used a sedan before? Can you fit your ladders and WFP gear in it (or on it)?

  • What kind of sedan
  • What kind of ladder
  • What kind of wfp gear

It is possible just depends on what you have going on.


I have sectional ladders and a Xero water fed pole and DI tank.


If you have all the gear and have the car, no one can better answer this question other than you, try see if it fits


exactly…just measure it all up and see if it fits…:no_mouth:


In a pinch, we’ve loaded a little giant, di tank and wfp into our Accord, plus bucket and tools.


For the first couple years in business, I loaded a 22’ multi position ladder, 12’ 16’ 30’ extension poles into my Hyundai Sonata. I could’ve fit a xero pure too if I had had one.


I used a loud rusted out late nineties Chevy Cavalier for a year in the beginning. I could fit (very snug) a 22 foot combination ladder, IPC Hydrotube, and wfp in it.


To funny I had a red one in the late 80`s…


My first few vehicles were sedans (‘03 Dodge Neon, ‘97 Honda Accord, ‘84 Toyota Camry, in that order)

I had roof racks and could carry a 28’ extension fairly comfortably on all of them. I didn’t move up to a wfp system until I got a wagon (2005 Scion xB). But it’s definitely doable, if you’re willing to think outside the box. I removed the rear seats of the xB and had a 25 gallon tank setup.

My new xB has a 40 gallon tank and I was able to keep the rear seats (though I might pull them out now that we’re finally a 2 vehicle household)


Alex can you tell me more about this tank. Does this mean you can carry your own water with you. Thanks


I’ve used my wife’s corrola and it all fit fine , if you get a wagon/hatchback would be perfect . I’m actually considering a prius


Here’s pretty much everything I’ve written on the topic:

And a quick video of my old setup: