Urgent service! What to charge?


A realtor called me asking to clean a luxury house ASAP, a photo shoot in less than 48 hours.
She did say I should charge for “urgent service”.
I was all booked, but shuffled some jobs around, stayed past dark ( nobody at the house) and came back at dawn to resume.

My plumber charges me double for fast service. I think double might be steep…
1,5 times the normal bill? What do you guys think ?


Sounds like double to me .


I had one residential customer that called me Friday morning asking for in/out window cleaning before Monday, when his house was going up for sale. I squeezed him in Friday night, charged double.
Don’t budge, stand your ground. Your time is valuable


“Emergency clean”= double pay. Think of it as Holiday pay at a large company. They would pay at least double time for coming in on holidays (not retail).


It’s like trying to book a last minute flight or hotel when you knew months in advance . Yes charge extra


Never use your own concepts of the value of money when setting your prices. My customers pay waaaayy more for my services than I would ever pay someone to do the same thing at my house. Their perception is different.


Great thought!
Gotta remember to change your mindset when it comes to money.
A friend of mine always uses expression “I have to be fair to myself” - no client can argue with that!