Urgent please help


Guys please help. I have commercial windows I’m trying to wfp. The windows will not rinse right but it’s not like they’re hydrophobic windows. It’s almost like the windows have a greasy film on them and when I water fed pole it just smears the grease around. I’ve tried everything soaps solvents one restore scrub pads bronze wool steel wool and cannot get these windows to come clean the pictures below show how the windows will dry.


What floor are these windows on and what type of building is this?


I have never seen anything like this. Especially the bottom sash. The top appears it was just not rinsed good but from what you are saying that’s not the case. Could there be a self cleaning surface or some other type of film or coating on them. What brand windows are they?


May be brick sealer, been there. Best effort.


Yes I had that same thought but would they have been totally oversprayed.


Brand is kerralite. It’s some sort of fire proof window.


It might be a grease from the glazing


It does like some kind of sealant but best guess if thats some kind of commercial kitchen window its a build up of grease.Best way to deal with it is either very hot water and your usual soap for windows,a good scrubbing sleeve and a scraper.May take 2 goes to get it right.


I ran into that same problem on the same windows in southern upstate NY.

Had to ladder up


Ugh. They are 4 stories.


new building?


3 years old


I see a lift and more money in your future…:money_mouth_face:


This is why you shouldn’t quote for WFP, you should quote to “clean” the window and factor things like this into quotes, or have a caveat in your quote that would state: “We hope to use pure water methods to clean the high glass from the ground. In some instances in order to successfully clean certain windows the hire of lift/s may be required, if this is the case the cost of any lift/s will fall to the customer.”


I see a lift and a bigger ticket in your future! :money_mouth_face:


Ran into the exact problem a year ago on a new school construction…we found WP would not cut it. We went old school , straight dawn on a mop then squeegee. Someone suggested it was brick water sealer. I agree with that because we could use micro fiber towels and buff it off only to return later and have a film reappear.


I had this exact issue occur this summer in San Diego with one of my best guys. We never did figure our what the substance was but it did the same thing to us that it did to you…bottom line, we used goof off on it and it did the trick…same thing we use on silicone. Tommy’s Window Cleaning Inc.

Oh, and the guy who said it was fire proofing may be on to something. I just bought a fire retardant for my home in Escondido and my consultant contractor told me the windows are the primary areas on your home that need to be sprayed with the stuff. Could be they sprayed it with that for whatever reason. Al I know is that Goof Off works on the stuff.