UPCOMING PUBLIC AUCTION -- Barber Glass Industries Inc


[URL=“http://www.danburysales.com/liquidation/Barber/BarberGlass.html”]LATE MODEL MANUFACTURING FACILITY OF HEAT STRENGTHENED TEMPERED & LAMINATED GLASS



One down, many to go. :wink:


How do we know this wasn’t one of the good ones?


I never heard of them


I was actually making a joke. Didn’t you see the emoticon. :wink:


man a friend of mine has got me hooked on auctions. he took me to a few car auctions (how he makes a living, sells cars)
now we’re starting to hit up storage auctions like the tv shows. he makes about $500 on a sunday at the flea market selling tools.

tomorrow we’re hitting a few storage auctions (yeah, I don’t have many customers yet) so I got the day free. I think I’ll take a few hundred with me and see what I can get.


Any auctions for Window Cleaning Stuff in the UK.