Unusual sectional ladders


Costumer gave them to me…


How old are they?


There no markings on them ,they told me they have been in the garage for 20 plus years.


They don’t look very useful but I guess you could use them and see. After you thoroughly check them out for cracks, and loose fasteners, rungs etc…


I mostly took them out of curiosity anyway . Was hoping someone here maybe would know something about them.


That ladder has a wide top so you can’t rest the ladder at an angle to the building with only one rail resting against the building like you can with real pointed sectionals. It has to be set under or over the window, parallel to the wall just like an extension ladder so there’s no versatility and no advantage. It’s actually worse than using extension ladders.


I’d bet they weren’t designed for window cleani g purpose same as our stacks were.

It would be interesting to find out what industry they were designed for.

Cool piece of history for sure


Probably not going add them to my already overwhelmed truck bed anytime soon… I’m mostly just curious about like you said what were they used for.


Do you think it may be a modified ladder or was it built from scratch?


I’m pretty sure they are manufactured this way.
I was considering modify the top section to more of a point.


Look manufactured, the square plates with rivets at rungd remind me of a 48’ ladder i had that were identical.