Universal Quick Release Why Not?( nothing much changed over 6 years.)


If you notice put this up here about 6 years ago.
Not that much has change.
What do you think??.


Can not find it on here anymore.
If anyone can find the post you see what people thought at the time.


Here you go, Herman :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Alex couldn’t find it.
So does everyone agree with the comments that we received are they still true now??


It sounds like whoever does bring it to market, can’t already be relying on the brand loyalty generated by proprietary fittings.

That said, I have found the good old wood cone tips to be pretty effective at holding most squeegees and scrubbers. But you don’t have the security of a locking connection. And they can be frustrating to get apart if you jam a classic ettore style squeegee on there.


The thing is that manufactures like to make it so you can only use there connections to there tools.


This was the last post on this and looks like we are getting there now. 6years later.:roll_eyes::grinning:

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May '12

" i thought i was ultra pragmatic "

but your the man ! :slight_smile:


Maybe the manufactures might like to try this?

Ok just refined the quick release.

Now you can use it on poles, angle adaptors brushers squeegee scrubbers, gooseneck extensions and many more tools.

When modified to accept the quick release.

No need to have a thread to screw brushes to angle adaptors trying to line every thing up.

Switch out your brushers and gooseneck extensions in seconds.

Be making a video plus pictures soon.


(So anyone on here ) if you could get such universal swivel squeegee handle or universal swivel for your water fed brushes with the same universal connections then the squeegee has?


Herman, I consider my wfp equipment and my trad separate, but I would be open to a universal connection if I could be shown a case where a decent amount of effort/time could be saved. (Assuming quality of build is also good) I am interested in trying your squeegee swivel as well if you decide to bring it to market.


Yes we still fine turning a few things.
Finding any weak parts etc. fix before selling.
Have a tool that lasts.
To get it right the first time.
As too the swivel for the Water fed brushes.
The goal is to have all tools are inter changeable with each other including ones you all ready have.


I would love another high quality tool on the market! It’s good your doing the testing on the front end. Will the angle change like the excelerator or will it be fixed?


Has swivel movement near zero degree to the squeegee blade.
There is no other moving parts.


I like the near 0 degree. I have trouble closing sometimes with my excelerator at 10 degrees.