Before I crimp it Will this work ?



That will work. However, my only reservation would be that we try to reduce every little piece of equipment possible to reduce as much unnecessary weight as possible. An ounce at 50 feet feels a lot more than an ounce. Do you absolutely need that valve there?


Ya I like it there saves it from getting banged up , An it’s nice to have it close. It’s a 30’ pole , so a little weight not going to kill me.
@ 50’ prob a different story.

Are you using one of these , An How do you like it ?


I had purchased maybe a half dozen over the years but in my experience they don’t last long and in the end my setup doesn’t really need a mid hose valve anywhere. We just kink the hose and tie it in a knot if we are concerned with saving water.

For pump box/sprayer work we just use a stainless steel quick connectors. When you disconnect these the pressure gets cut off.

Ya, for lower work the extra little weight won’t matter much!


Or you could get a hose crimp like I do, instead of kinking the hose.


I would put it in line before the pole…I don’t want to have to drop the pole to shut off the water when the phone rings… :slight_smile:


So there is a Uni-Valve in there? Why the extra valve?


To control the water flow !

Oh let me explain the 2 together. Lol. I’m looking stupid here. Wouldn’t be the first time though :weary:

I’m doing an inside job am using a WFP. So I need to be able to turn the flow down an shut water off instantly.

Could be a disaster waiting to happen , but I’m going to attempt it. See how it goes if it doesn’t go well at first it’s ladder time.


Is this the car dealership?


Yes I would of never bought the univalve if it weren’t for this job
That inline ballvlve exactly where it is. Works great. Works as a flow controller too
Yes it’s a little added weight , but for 30’ pile it’s noting that’s going to kill ya.


The problem with putting it before the pole is , they get dragged around , an end up breaking.


@Majestic66 When are you doing the car dealership? I am curious to see how it goes


Chad did the outsides yesterday morning got there @ 9am banged it out took 2 hours.
Had an easy day yesterday so I figured let me get a jump plus I could go over everything , An remind themn to get the cars out For a 7am start
So I get the outside done , An I’m inside looking around a salesman comes up an says can I help you. Yes is Johm around the Service manager. Oh he don’t work here anymore :scream: whaaaaat!!!
Ya no shit I was like really, so he directs me over to the new service manger. I jace to go over everything with him price an all. I tell him he was cool with it. Before I leave I went to his office to remind him to have the cars out he says I got it taken care of.
Well here I am I got her @ 7am , An guess what cars are not moved. You can not do this job unless the cars are moved whether your laddering it. Using a lift, or sticking it whatever cars have to be moved.
Now it’s 8:30 am I’m doing the dealership next door An I’m not waiting here till 10am fort them to get the cars out.
Besides it needs to be started at 7am

I don’t know man … whatever got some More stops I’ll address this next week some time.


Glad you got the outside done. Sorry to hear the cars were not moved out of the showroom. That sucks man! I hate when people say they will do something and they don’t do it. Keep me posted on what happens with the insides.