Unger nlite hydro power anyone try it yet?


Hi there. Anyone know if an r/o unit really makes your DI unit last longer?


It absolutely does. Would a di last longer with 200 ppm going through it or 10 ppm?




Good, I agree. So an ro membrane will greatly reduce your tds so that afterwards your di doesn’t need to work very much which makes it last very long.


How long does it last? During my busy time I use about 4 to 6 cubits of resin.


What is your incoming tds?


154ppm to 700ppm depending on where I am.


without ro you will go thru resin like crazy.


That is quite a massive range. You will definitely need ro to maximize your profits.


were can you by this system in canada


I own one and I absolutely love it!! Keep in mind that I live in a very soft water area the Carolinas. This machine is idea for such areas.


Just got mine a week ago in a fairly high TDS area (187), but I plan on using it for tall and difficult to reach windows and trad the rest.


I can get TDS from the tap at 370 down to 17 through RO, then run through the single bag Unger Hydropower unit. That is the best combination for me. All on water pressure only, no pumps until time to run up the pole (Gardiner pump to Gardiner pole).