Unger nlite hydro power anyone try it yet?


I love the idea quick release and small size Im just wondering if anyone has tried it yet. I want to get rid of my 2 cubic foot di tanks and move to something smaller and easily maneuverable and the di quick change looks awesome. Any Feedback?


I used it . Really easy to use. TDS meter is right there always showing 0. The only thing that is making me sad is that I used it twice so far and today it said tds 7. My water here is tds 260 maybe was because of that. Another reason can be that i used a lot of water even though i have the water tap ( awesome thing). I’m new in this pure water-feed pole system.
I refuse myself to use one new resine bag for unger nlite hydro power di just for two houses.


do you need electricity with this?


Awesome filter. Love how easy and simple the hydro power is. NO electricity needed.


My friend has it, an he likes it . For Me personally i think its so over priced… for what, because you can drop a resin bag in it, an it has a tds meter attached to it , and looks cool like R2D2.
Look into getting two half cube Di tanks tied in together. The same price as one of these robot looking things, an should last longer. I think the smallest one isnt even a half cube.
Changing the resin on a half cube is simple . Do i wanna do it on a job when I am running high no . If it comes down to that i have ladders . If thats is a issue you could have a 3rd tank waithing to swap out , then chang the tank at your leisure .
I guess if your gioig to be moving your tank a lot, an its not sittin in one place this thing would be the way to
go it has handles easy to move.

What is your TDS were you are at ?


I have the 2 bag model. It is very convenient in every way and if you are willing to take 5 minutes during the day, you can change out bags if need be. That said, I’m fairly sure the di tanks I’ve used before this are more economical on resin, despite Unger saying their system is far more efficient. Maybe the amount of resin in the bags is smaller than I realize.
But I continue to use the Hydropower because the closest exchange to me about 55 miles. Not fun finding time during the week to make that kind of round trip.


I love that system very much.

Cons: The connection fittings on it break easily. Also, didnt find a way to get more pressure with the system, and of course more expensive.

Pros: small, looks amazingly professional, light, very easy and fast to change resin, and i know it might be stupid but i really love the resin recharge that comes in a small pail. Stackable, and no mess on jobs…

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Just yesterday I decided to start purchasing items to deal with that problem which I have experienced as well. I’m going to try somewhat of a whip line to be a more permanent attachment to the tank inlet.
Don’t know if anyone else has this problem occasionally, but on some bag changes I have an enormously hard time getting the top cover back on. It literally took two of us to do it last Friday. Other times, it’s no problem. Maybe the bags were fuller than usual.


The UNGER Hydro Power is a great DI unit But unless you live in a low TDS region the DI is going to exhaust very soon which will intend of having to keep at least a cubic foot of DI on hand.Have you seen the new AQUA~HYDRO KIT ? They are available in a few different configurations using 3 RO membranes in sizes of 4015 - 4021 and best of all they will be available with the 4040 housing.WCR will be selling them very soon.You can get the kit or a complete system.This will be a great add on for those that already have the Unger hydro power.Everything on the kit is user friendly and can be changed out in less than 5 minutes and no longer than 10 minutes.The kit is a 3 stage containing 10" sediment filter 10" carbon filter along with a 4040 Axeon HF5 ro membrane enclosed in a SS housing.No tools needed to install this on a cart.You do not even need a screw driver or wrench to remove or install the 4040 SS housing as it has one of the best mounting systems… No metal or plastic clamps to secure the housing.The kit also comes with a inline TDS meter for the ro membrane.pressure gauge / ro bypass valve / black JG fittings / tubing for direct connect to the Unger hydro.


You might try a small transfer pump to boost the pressure. Home depot has one,around $100.

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Aqua~hydro 4040-2 & AQUA~HYDRO 4040 mini


TDS around here is 129, I have used carbon>cation>anion and had no issues, except the cost. I get my tanks at Culligan Water, I pay about $1200 per year for exchanges and monthly rent and don’t have access to the tanks from Dec.-April. I used to do a huge account, Cleveland Clinic Health Systems, I liked the larger tanks so I could work on and on without exchanging, I only needed to exchange twice a year.

Now that I don’t do that much anymore I have been looking to change my system, not thinking I need RO, I could be wrong, I have never in over 15 years used RO, from Los Angeles to Tucson to Cleveland I have always had great results from DI only. I have the spring/fall rush of DI work, and I have summer and winter DI work, maybe about 20 hours a month of run time on my tanks? I am wondering if the Stage 2 is ideal for me, eliminate the rental cost I am currently paying and cut my outgoing expense by using what I need, when I need it? I wonder what type of month any of you guys have with your Unger system, if anyone has this unit? How many bags of resin per month/year do you go through and how much usage per?

Thanks for the conversation.


These systems, despite the higher price over a standard DI tank sell very well. Unger has really hit a home run with these, fast changing resin bags that you actually get the maximum life span out of because of the defuses at the top and bottom of the tank.

Feel free to reach out with any questions on these or any other systems.

Unger HydroPower


Hi Dan, I am interested if you have calculated the cost of running your Unger filter system. I live in a very low TDS area (20PPM) and so feel even though the cost of running this unit is higher than the barrels of DI that the cost is only marginally higher and I also accept there is a premium for the ease of resin changing.


I haven’t made a calculation, but I can look on my purchase history in the WCR store to see how many bags I bought last year. I’ll get back to you on that. I do feel fairly certain that I go through resin more quickly, but also don’t have to make a 110 mile round trip to get a tank regenerated for about the same price as renewing my Unger tank. Stay tuned.


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I use the 4 bag model and the only complaint that I have is I wish that it filled up a little faster. Once I turn the water on at the hose connection, it takes a couple minutes to get water coming out of the brush. Otherwise, I have been really happy with the unit!


I had the same problem, but I found that if you take the plugs off the in/outlets the top cover goes on much easier!


That is funny! Ya it is good here in Lotusland.


I just ordered a Unger Hydropower online and just received it. Is the resin bag inside supposed to be wet from the factory, or did they send me a already used unit? Thanks.