Unger Ninja? Yay or nay?


I like the ninja handle with sorbo channel and blade.

Tge ninja channel is too bulky- doesn’t fit behind door handles.


The unger ninja handle imo is the best handle for wide body channels. The ninja channel is ok, I like it but there is some extra detailing involved with that channel due to the end clips. I would get a ettore super channel. Not the 18, it’s complete garbage! Buy a longer length and cut it down to size. This is our set up for commercial and storefront work.


Hey Luke: Is it possible to modify/cut a Ninja channel and just use clips like Ettore or Pulex wide boady channels.


That can not be true!!!
It’s a commercial/storefront tool.

I know … it’s true. :slightly_frowning_face:
Hard to believe


Just use a sorbo cobra and be done with it.
It seems thru comments that many people just wont use a sorbo coz hey have to buy different rubber… I don’t see a big deal.


Sorbo rubber was horrible lol, and I can’t use it in any of our other tools. So for us I’d much rather buy a channel that uses standard rubber. I’ve used the sorbo , just didn’t see what the big deal was. My super channel is just as good imo if not better.


I think you could I haven’t tried.


I mean hell idk if you knew this but from what I understand sorbo was the one that designed the SC for ettore. (For all you sorbo fans )


Boom! History class is in session. I tried the SC after @Luke video comparison and I liked it better than my sorbo. I didn’t mind the weight, I like a beefier channel, and also, when in a hurry I don’t nick the glass like I did with the Sorbo. Also having the same rubber for all my tools is nice. I prefer the Professional brand hard rubber. I had one blade last a whole month with everyday use. Just flipped it every two weeks.


Honestly Luke I started this discussion from your review of the ninja, super and sorbo on your YouTube channel ha ha after watching it I immediately questioned my set up and pretty much fell in love with the ninjas look and positive features from the feedback it received. BUT now I’m honestly torn between the ninja and the liquidator. I almost ordered the ninja this morning along with the bucket but I saw a few reviews on the liquidator right before I did it and it really made me second guess it. Any feedback on the comparison? If I’m not mistaken I believe you were running a liquidator in a video I saw last week? So maybe you have more insight


The ninja is my favorite out of the stock wide body channels. But if I had my choice id go with the SC cut down. Supposedly ettore was going to design all their super channels with a smaller profile like the longer lengths after a review we have them. I don’t use the liquidators on too many jobs. In our video I use the excelerator but I’m using a stainless ettore channel.


It really depends. We use wide body for commercial/storefront and brass with a ettore ledge ez for res.


Really I find it really great rubber.

I remember watching your review on the QUICKSILVER channel, I found it very enlightening as I had never seen that type of a sorbo before, the Cobra is a totally different design of channel, I had to search for it from the Australian suppliers and I can only get lengths of 5" or 6" in the quicksilver design.


I will have to give it a try :sunglasses: