Unger Ninja BOAB


So with my first order of window cleaning equipment I got the Unger Ninja BOAB. It seemed to be a good choice but I’m having a problem with it. The part that attached to your belt is like a swivel so it doesn’t stay tight on your hip and also moves around a lot. Especially when bending over. Anyone have a simple fix for it. I don’t have it with me right now to look at but could I just put a screw through the fabric and partially into the plastic to make it stay? Also looked at Luke the window cleaner’s video on BOABs after I bought the product and realized this was his main complaint with this BOAB


yup lol…could put a small hole through the fabric and the bucket , use a zip tie to keep it from moving …idk off the top of my head .


Yes, that will help keep it place.


@wcs @Luke also just saw a YouTube video where the guy sort of wrapped a cable type thing to the bottom and puts it around his leg. I’ll experiment and see which works best


I like the swivel. But you could put a screw through the top. My only issue with the ninja is the divider.


The divider seems to knick the back side of my rubber, effectively letting me only use one side of my rubber.


Before you mod it, keep it the same for a week and see if it starts to feel more comfortable. The swivel action helps prevent accidentally dumping your BOAB on the floor when you squat down.


Here you go


Good idea to keep trying it before I make any changes.


If you tie the hip bucket to your thigh, you will inevitable dump water from the boab on the ground or the customers floor when kneeling down.

Put all your equipment to use and you’ll find out how it all works, real life experience working with your gear is the best way to REALLY now what will work and what won’t.

YouTube can get you only so far! :wink:


GI sewed it to my pouch with a sewing awl to stabilize it. It rests on my hip behind the seam on my pants and doesn’t flop around. I can run across a street if a car is coming.

Everything on my belt is sewn onto my belt so it doesn’t move around.


Thank you, I will give that a try!


I’m so glad I’m not the only one who notices this! So frustrating. Is there any alternative since they stopped making the old green non ninja BOB?


Somebody posted a link awhile back. I believe you can still get them.


The samurai boab. Coming soon. Tell your friends.


very excited about this !


^^^ Well @JaredAI you know you have at least 2 sold including me!




Awesome, thanks Gary!


So I added a eye bolt 8/32 with two neon washers one larger and one smaller and driller a slightly smaller and screwed in tebeyebbolt and it tightens very tight.

Here is a video showing how well it stays on me. I tie it on with para cord or screen spline!