Unger n-Lite 38 foot carbon Fiber Pole and Wash-It Pro


Selling my Unger N-Lite pole and Wash-it Pro system.
I bought this system back in 2014. Only used the system about 20 times. I am selling this system due to I relocated to Idaho and 95 percent of my jobs are 1 story.
Owner/operator only used the pole with care- No employees
The pole total length is 38 feet.

Here are the items that are included in the sale plus other parts I will throw in.

Unger nLite 22’ Carbon Master Pole(1)
Unger nLite 11’ Carbon Extension Pole(1)
Unger nLite 5’ Prolongation(1)
HiFlo nLite Endcap(2)
Unger HiFlo nLite Multilink Thread Adapter(1)
Unger nLite Boars Hair Brush(1)
Tucker Brush with adaptor(1)
DI resin canisters(2)
10 inch carbon filer(Brand new in the package)(1)
Wash-It Pro RO machine(1)

I am located in Boise Idaho

Price for every thing is $2500.00


How much for just the pole?


One Thousand.