Types of brushes


There are different types, or bristle types, of brushes for WFP. What would be recommended for sign cleaning? Boars hair, or Constructor, or…?


Hey Garry, it all depends on what you are cleaning off. Something like a boars hair has a really good scrub but is a bit more sensitive to damage. We also have the Tucker hybrid which is both synthetic and boars har. I’m personally not a fan of the constructor.


I got mine from here and I would think it would do fine cleaning signs but I’d imagine just about any brush would be fine to clean them. The Unger Radius (16 inch) has done me well for just about everything.



Is it a plastic sign @Garry ?

If so I would go with nylon.

You might find this helpful. - https://windowcleaner.com/waterfed-poles/understanding/waterfed-brushes/


Thanks, Chris. Most signs that I am looking to target are plastic, so yes, makes sense to use the nylon brush to avoid any scratches or “dulling” of the surface?

Thanks for the link too.


Hey Garry I’ve been thinking about adding sign cleaning for my route accounts 1x or 2x a year depending on the location of the signs (on the street or building) I was out in the field today doing route work so I said let’s give the sign cleaning a go with the tools I carry daily and see how well they perform…

Here’s a before and after pic for you…

After pic…

Finished product…

Tools used

  • cobwebs brush
  • 10" liquidators channel w/flip pad
    3 drops of dawn soap on the wet Fliq pad.

The whole process took 4min 53sec from start to finish product for the sign. I charged $25 for the service, customer wants it done 2x a year.

What type and size of signs caught your eye?


That is great, Steve. I have been thinking of stand alone signs but those do not have a water source nearby. Lately I have been looking at signs on or near buildings that would have a water source to tap into. They would probably be an add on service in my thinking as the set up and use cost would need to be beneficial to me.
What you did there looks great. $25 was fair if you also sold the cleaning of the windows too.


Thanks Garry.
Stand alone signs with no local water source, Hudson backpack sprayer battery operated, should easily solve the water source issue.
What I charged for the sign was on top of what they pay for their window cleaning service.
I believe a nylon brush or soft bristles should work good, for plastic signs.


seems flocked is the preferred for what you have asked about


Hey @Steve076, I know this is a different thread but I can’t pm you, so I’m asking for your email. I was on the job yesterday and have some questions about your setup for high rise work. My email is hphrwindows@yahoo.com, it would be appreciated. Thank you!


That chart is cool - did you make that?


Nope I did not, I grabbed it from the Aussie suppliers site from Gardiner brushes guide.