Turned down a job


Don’t understand the difference if you email or show in person. I get what your saying , your a little insulted , but look at it from the customers stand point . Maybe they had a bad experience with another contractor .
Yes red light … if a residential asked to be additional insured , but to ask for A COI no big deal , I just email it.
I hear ya thiugh , your at a point where you don’t have to bend for anybody … it’s your business you earned the right
As my friend says who’s Been doing this way longer then me “ It’s either going to be you on my schedule next week or somebody else “.
Am I penciling you in ?

How about references ever get asks for those. I’m not big on that. I don’t want you bothering my customers. I got asked that once in 10 years. If Someone’s asks me for those im telling them straight up don’t give them don’t want my customers bothered , so if thats the game changer I’m not for you.

Anyway to me no big deal to send a COI … I get it !!!


I haven’t had resi customers request a COI but I would have my insurance agency provide one if requested. Regardless, if a vendor feels bad vibes he should avoid the job.


No, you wouldn’t send the whole policy. A cover sheet does nothing if your insurance was canceled or you dropped it. That is why with a phone call that your prospective customer makes they can verify that you are insured; just give him contact number to your insurer, that is part of their job.


100% of our quotes get COL, that way they can’t annoy me by asking!

I hear you though, best to follow your spider sense’s and we’ve all had that person on the phone requesting this stuff that rubbed us the wrong way.


I guess things are a little different here, I have a certificate of currency from my insurance company, I email this with my quotes to ALL commercial and any larger residential job ($500+). It just demonstrates you are being transparent and assuses the customer you are a legitamate business.

I have never had a customer directly contact my insurance to verify but its all legit.


I have had two customers in 10 years ask for proof of insurance. I give my brokers number and done, he can do a verbal if that is all the guy wants, or e-mail, or fax proof of current status.


Im with you DCBrock. I think its good to make customers qualify for you. There are definitely signals in all businesses that send up red flags. If you have identified this one then well done.
I have said for a long time in my business relationships the only thing I can guarantee is what Im going to do.
Its also good to say no to a customer if it doesn’t feel right.
Well done and move on


Yep, whenever I use ProPosal I include my COI. It’s an easy way to establish a measure of legitimacy.


There is also the possibility that certain people who are shopping for a service have read some ‘authoritative’ advice on what you need to do so you don’t get the shaft. They may take this as gospel. Such as asking for proof of current insurance first, for references, that we use environmentally safe products, our pricing (which “should be in such and such a range”, as if this authority has a clue), etc.

Them doing the footwork they feel is necessary doesn’t really indicate they are a good or bad prospect.


Here’s an update.

I thought for sure he wasn’t interested after telling him we’d have to show our COI in person, but I guess our good reputation precedes us, so we are going to do the outsides only.

I guarantee you though we are inspecting every window first for scratches, etc. I’m still really cautious.


Customers concerns about scratching doesn’t occur.

The reason they want insured companies is so they dont sue homeowners if they get injured while working.


Maybe where you’re at.

There are so many bad contractors here customers are worried they will damage their property and assume GL insurance will cover that.


What are the main two damages a window cleaner will cause?

Broken and scratched glass?

Majority of policies dont cover either.


Exactly…except the broken part. Those are covered if a ladder punches through, etc.

We did the job today, I think he was some sort of retired engineer so just wanted to be sure we were legit. Lots of sprinkler stains. They were quite thrilled with the work.


I’ve incurred BOTH concerns. But the main issue, usually is, the worry of a contractor getting hurt on their property and getting sued.

So yes, I agree with you Jeff.


That’s what CCC coverage is for. Care, Custody, and Control. Every window cleaner should have this rider on their policy. It’s what will cover you for scratches. If you don’t have the rider, and you cause scratches, your insurance won’t pay for it.


Correct, many business owners aren’t aware and no homeowner knows to ask


I’ll check into that. Last thing I need is to get blamed for scratches on a 2 story palladium caused by painters.


CCC wont cover you if you use a non approved cleaning method and glass gets scratched.


What is ‘non approved’?