Tucker Swivel with Gooseneck


So is the new Tucker Swivel compatible with a longer gooseneck?


I don’t see why not. No different than others available on the market. Remember though that as the goose neck gets longer the pivot angle is negated. It will still swivel side to side (good for off axis work) but your ability to pivot up into the corners will be compromised.


Good point… just like using a liquidator with an angle adapter i guess… doesn’t work.


Seems too that with a longer gooses neck or even just at greater heights, 4fl and over I’m better off without a swivel.


It’s up to the individual of course and I can only share my findings. Up to 3 stories without a gooseneck a pivot is very effective and if you are using over the top spray bars, essential. On goosenecks up to 12” control is fine up to two stories. On longer goosenecks they become too difficult to control and are prone to jack knifing so definitely a fixed neck brush is the answer. The issue then becomes. Do I risk using the spray bar at height where I can’t eyeball the overspray into the top frame and top frame seal? Or do I disable and use the centre jets as normal. Me? I’d have 2 brushes set up. One with spray Bar and pivot and the other with centre jets only on fixed or locked off neck. As it stands in the pic it just looks too busy.


Where would any sort of extension/gooseneck it connect too??


Where there’s a will there’s a way Herman. Tecbuk brush, Gardiner pivot angle adaptor and a DIY gooseneck made from parts from the shed. I’ve used this successfully on a 3 story deep framed heritage building.