Tucker rinse bar is awesome but


Yes. World wide.

Shawn Gavin


More scratches from the aluminum rinse bar. This is on a 24 million dollar home. We had demonstrated the risks of the rinse bars many times, but an employee 4 months on the job somehow scratched 7 panes without noticing.


Switched mine to the free plastic replacement. Threw the metal one away. No problems since.


I got one free replacement, but we still have a few other tucker brushes with the aluminum rinse bars. They still come standard on the alpha brushes from WCR. I’m going to try the flex seal idea.


That sucks that happened. How much to replace that glass, or are you going to polish it out?


I have a scratch removal guy scheduled to come out. $250/pane on average.


Had I known, I would’ve paid for you to ship it to me


Why? I would never even risk it. I don’t want any metal edges anywhere near glass.



I would have sent it to you but it was such a good feeling to toss it across the shop into the garbage can. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Shouldn’t be sold if it’s going to damage glass. Buyer shouldn’t have to modify a product after purchasing it


Funny you should mention it, a buddy of mine just mentioned a couple weeks ago how the new Tucker Bar ended up scratching a plate of glass. It was most likely user error (I have used one with that on there), but nonetheless it IS a metal and will scratch…crazy to see he is not the only one! I’m not used to it, as I’ve always used a aluminum Tucker pole (ASH method/model) which in my opinion, is such a great pole. I love using it, but sound see the idea of the rinse bar being useful!


Well, $1400 later the scratches are removed. Ouch

I found these screws on amazon to be the perfect fit, and they are rounded, which i like better than the hex shape from home depot. It’s a great deal for 100.


You can get them replaced with a plastic rinse bar rather than using the screws


Yes, but the plastic bars aren’t the same. The holes aren’t all consistent like with the metal, creating uneven rinses. Metal is more robust too


when the head breaks off let me know how you get the piece left in the threads out so you can put a new one in

otherwise these have been a perfect answer


Screw extractor