Tucker rinse bar is awesome but


Right on man.


Really, anyone who has the first generation should return it and
A) buy the shorter version
B) Wait until the plastic version comes out
C) Forget about rinse bars, or
D) Wait until someone invents what should have been invented 60 years ago.


Those screws into the brush block are they sheet metal screws.??


Yes, i think they are.


Anyone who owns a metal one is welcome to a free plastic one if you have concerns or you just want to get a free rinse bar. (Proof I’d purchase will be required)

They should be available in the next few days.

Just email me directly at shawn@rhgproducts.com

Those who believe the aluminum version to be superior and want to buy one while they can should reach out as well.

Shawn Gavin


Just spray it with Plastic-Dip or Flex-Seal and you’ll have the best of both worlds.


Sorry to hear @Streakanator, it’s a horrible feeling. I’ve completely gaffer taped my one up and have continued to use it, haven’t scratched a window since but plastic ones are definitely a must.


Some say plastic is a must and many say they are pissed the aluminum is going away.

Anyone scared of aluminum is welcome to a free plastic replacement as I have stated before.

Email me directly at shawn@rhgproducts.com

Shawn Gavin


Still haven’t received the plastic one in the mail yet. Have you guys started shipping them out yet?


… I have seen a video somewhere showing that the aluminum is not
actually scratching the glass, it is making removable marks. They have to be scrubbed out with some effort but they are not scratches…can anyone confirm this?


Aluminum is much softer than glass. That in itself doesn’t guarantee that it won’t scratch the glass, but there’s a good chance that the aluminum is simply abrading off onto the glass.

Try bar keeper’s friend. I know it will take similar marks off of hardcoat low-e.


Depends on the grade. Like steel and stainless steel, there are different grades with different hardness.


Perhaps. But I challenge you to find a grade of aluminum that’s harder than glass :smirk:


If it didn’t ship this week it will early next.

Shawn Gavin


The Mohs hardness scale of glass is 5.5.
Aluminum, bronze and copper, are 3.
Steels has a Mohs of 4-4.5.
Why does steel wool scratch glass? Why would steel blades (carbon, not stainless (7+Mohs)) scratch glass? We have all heard the testimony of other window cleaners about it happening,

Now, there ARE different hardnesses of aluminum, but 6061 is the most common type AND LIKELY what is being used for these bars. But, that doesn’t mean all 6061 is exactly the same hardness, no matter what the quality sheet says on the lot. There is also a coating on the bar. Anodizing can make a harder surface.

I don’t say all this to say “gotcha” or continue arguing about it. Just because something is SUPPOSED to be a certain hardness, doesn’t mean it is, or that there should be no fear of dragging aluminum across glass. Nor am I saying this bar is a crap product. But it seems like there have been people that have had ISSUES with the bars, and there IS picture proof of some kind of damage. So we could argue about it, but it seems pointless. There has been some experiences of some damage to client’s property.


I agree 100%. It’s a nice thought that maybe some of these marks that have already been caused are removable, but that’s obviously not a solution going forward. You want to prevent that kind of headache from happening in the first place. And the unprotected aluminum bar can definitely cause permanent damage to window frames - no arguing that fact.


your nylon screw idea was a perfect solution


It was a scratch, a deep one too. The main problem was the swivel which jerked to the side and the rinse bar hit the glass.


A swivel attached to brush has to be operated differently depending on the angle of your adaptor. With a shallow angle ( used generally on low work up to about 20 feet) you can pivot it very effectively in a similar way that you would pole with a Wagtail or Excelerator. However, as you close the angle for high work with tight ground clearance the pivot either needs to be locked off or used purely side to side for off axis brushing. Pivot is negated and in fact if you try the brush will jackknife or even flip. No issues if your rinse bar is either plastic or modded as per @Alex_Lacey but definitely potential for disaster otherwise.


Hi Shawn, is this offer available for Australian customers?