Tucker rinse bar is awesome but


Hi guys,

Just wanted to put a word out there for anyone using the tucker rinse bar, which is a great product, but scratched up a lot of windows on a particular job.

I’ve attached it to a WWWCS (Australian Company) brush which has a swivel adaptor, the pole I was using at the time was particularly heavy (Streamline Glass Fibre), this allowed the brush to angle in, which I thought was great for cleaning inside the frames.
Unfortunately, it also allowed the rinse bar to touch the glass and permanently scratch it quite badly.

I came clean straight away with the client and didn’t charge him for the job, even though he insisted to still pay for it and was very lenient about the scratches - for which I was grateful.

I love the rinse bar, and should have known that it would have scratched the glass with the brush angled like that, but realized too late, newbie error. I’ve placed generous amounts of gaffer tape around the edge of the rinse bar now to prevent any future accidents from happening.

Hoping this post spares anyone else from making the same foolish mistake.

Some photos of the scratches:



That’s great! And looks a lot better than layers of gaffer tape. Thanks for the share and photos.


Oh that sucks sounds like you might have got a first generation one. The recent version is set way back to avoid that.


I had a similar problem and it happened to me even after knowing about the issue. I talked to Shawn personally at an event and he explained the problem to me as user error so I thought surely I could avoid it. Nevertheless, a week later I set my pole down to move some patio furniture and accidentally knocked the pole over. It flipped and the rinse bar skidded across the window and put a scratch across the pane. I took it off and threw it in a drawer until I can figure out what I want to do with it.


The bar should be made of good quality plastic.


Honestly though “user error” if you don’t have 100% control of the brush at 100% of the time its possible to scratch glass and frames or break glass. but its made like a knife edge on the edge of the brush.

I would call that a design flaw , squeegees are made of metal and don’t scratch glass or frames even if you experience “user error”.

I rarely use a scrapper theses days due to the “chance” of scratching the glass, if there was even that slight possibly that any tool would cause damage I would not use it period.


Yep…this is the answer. …and in fact a necessity. Ground my brothers back so it was shorter but have to still take care. I think plastic, silicone or rubber end bumpers at the very least gives peace of mind. A top mount spray bar to be truly effective has to be used in conjunction with a pivot which means even the shorter one is going to foul on deep frames.


Those edges look super sharp


Yea, mine is actually set back too. However, with the angle I had the brush it would have touched the glass no matter what.


Yea, accidents happen I guess. I’m hoping that generously gaffer taping the whole length of the rinse bar will prevent future accidents like yours or mine from happening. Perhaps they should consider making it out of a different material or having at least a slip cover for it.


Yes they are. A good start would be to radius each end and smooth it down with fine Emory paper. Always do this with my Wagtail gear.


Although I really like the hybrid brush, I’m personally not a fan of the rinse bar. For those of us who are primarily using a pump and portable water source; It uses a lot of water, and even when the flow controller is set to 99, it hardly creates enough pressure to clear the bristles. My other brushes with pencil jets I can set the flow controller to 45 and have all the pressure I need. The orifice size probably could be nearly half of what it is and work great. However, if you are connected to a city water source you’d probably have better luck.


Newer plastic ones are coming out soon…


Scratched my first window today, thank you rinse bar!


they should make these out of plastic or not make them at all, wish I could swap out my brush I just bought. Pretty expensive for a window scratcher


Or hard rubber.


Heard many complaints with the same concern but no changes to product. If you just keep selling them as is just gives a bad reputation.



we’re paying almost 200$ for a product that should work correctly, not something that has to be modified after I purchase. If you could see how easily this thing scratched the window I was cleaning today you’d probably not want to use them again either.