Tucker or Unger WFP package?


I do maybe 20 to 30 houses a year about half of them construction cleanup. The 15 or so that aren’t CCU are usually ones that haven’t been cleaned in over a year or two. I clean about 5 or so regularly but I expect that to go up as I am only in my 3rd year and I only work 2 days a week. I have one house I have done for 3 years and it would pay for the lowest tier package for either the Tucker or the Unger. Both around $800. I don’t see much about the Tucker Turnkey Tier 1 but I see a lot about the Unger Nlite Hydropower. What is the main differences between the two and what is the recommendation if you had to give one. The TDS in my area is anywhere from 80-120.

Any advice is much appreciated!


The aluminum Tucker and Unger poles are great if you don’t want to spend a ton of money and don’t need to go over 30’ - 35’. But either of their of their DI only filtration systems really only work well if you have very soft water. At readings between 80-120ppm you may only get two-three days work out of the Tucker and maybe four-five days from the Unger stage 1. They are good systems but they are meant to work with very soft water only.

You can mix and match brands so what I’d recommend is settling on a pole and picking up one of our 3/4 refurbished tanks. They come full of virgin resin and a lot more than either of these two other DI only systems and its only $179. At 100ppm, this tank will put out over 2,000 gallons where the Unger will make only 400.


If you need help getting all the necessary parts to make this work, its easy and I’d be happy to help. This option would save you money and make you more pure water.


@ace22286, if you go to WCR, you can chat live with Alex, and he will link you to the stuff he is talking about.
You can dialogue with him and he will answer all your questions. They have XeroPure tank package deals that are great. Am also needing WFP, have not bought anything yet, but Alex has answered many questions as I figure out the system I need for my area, which has about 75 tds. Alex really is an expert and you will be amazed at what he knows, and you can chat with him live. :thinking:


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That is my battle plan now after chatting with WCR and another forum member the other day. I may start with the cheapo poles, but will move up to that Tucker Carbon Fiber later after seeing that video comparing the rigidness/flexibility of the poles. That refurbished tank is the best bet for starting out though. Swapping the resin is not as easy as the others, but having to do it less often should balance that out. If I ever land a super big job in the future, then I may opt for a 2nd 3/4 tank, so swapping them out would be fast on the job site, and I can refill at my leisure at home. It will be awhile before I am ready to go with a pure water fed pole system, but that is the way I want to start out for affordability and ease of upgrading. My TDS is about the same as LoveGlass.


Nothing wrong with starting with a cheaper pole. The Tucker aluminum or Unger Aluminum do the job just fine. Get some experience in, pay for the equipment, suffer a little bit then treat yourself to a nice Tucker CF.


I second that - The Unger NLite Alu is stunning quality and value. Appx 2 kilos weight at 20 feet but well balanced so not too bad when extended. Fine for WFP to Euro thread brushes with the Euro tip or Wagtail Wave with the cone tip.

I use CF mainly now but have kept the Unger for Acme thread (eg swivel pad holder) and push-fit accessories (eg cloth grabber). Good as new. Peerless quality.


One good way to control costs is to get the NLite carbon master top section initially and then add alu extensions as they are interchangeable. Dont try the other way round as carbon lower sections will be too light to counterbalance an alu top section!!

Ettore do this by design i.e the bottom section on their carbon poles is alu.


Truth is truth. Now get back to work…and thanks for helping us new guys. :sunglasses: