Hey Malcolm, hope that you are safe in your area. Just saw the tsunami warning that was put out.


Looks like they recalled it, the waves were much less than anticipated. Thats a good thing!

A few summers ago I drove just about the entire west coast and I had no idea about all the tsunami warning signs and tsunami evacuation areas.

Glad no one was really affected by this.


I woke up so scared this morning! I live in Oregon and my best friend live son the coast. Woke up at 6 am hearing about this warning… freaked out that I didn’t get any warning on my phone!! None!

Thankfully as of now things have calmed down, but somethings about to come…

Be safe out there my fellow cleaners!!


Okay, since it’s not a big deal, let’s sit back and enjoy the music.


Music is OK. Where is the squeegee instruction video??