Try to make sale over the phone or wait until I can make sale in person?


I want to bid a job at a gym and can do it this in a few days when I get a chance to stop by or I can try to make the sale now over the phone. What do you think has more chance of success? In person or over the phone? I think in person is better but then I run the risk of someone beating me to the sale. I know for a fact nobody does the windows at the moment.


Go in person , every time I bid over the phone I regret it . Tell the client what day you can go and give the bid and say if we agree on a price I can do the job on the spot . But also take into considetions that gyms will want you to come when they’re slow


Don’t forget to price all those mirrors also, while your there “bidding in person.”


Call right away and set an appointment to drop by and give a bid. That way they are expecting you and if someone else slides in you aren’t seen as an also ran or “me too” guy.


Why the waiting?


Be prepared to NOT get the bid. If this place has been in business long, there is likely a good reason WHY no one is doing them.

Like they don’t pay timely or they don’t want to pay much at all…