Truck Wrap vote


Plenty of threads like this; now it’s our turn. Do you like Concept 1, 2 or 3? Keep in mind, we don’t do residential work, just larger commercial work. Thanks in advance




3 for me, the black divides it up nicely and draws more attention to the services.
The website and number size is the same which I think is good especially if you have a nicely done website.


Curious as to why even wrap a vehicle if you only do larger commercial work? Is that the type of work that is generated from vehicle advertising or is it found by other means?

I honestly don’t know because your customer base is totally different than mine. It would seem that your trucks might even generate more phone call from a customer market that you don’t service.


3 for sure


3 i like the most, potential clients inmediatly see what kind off services you offer.


Concept 3. Either one of those :+1:


The 3rd one.

When you make your final decision and get the wrap done, post a pic I would like to see what you decided on.


I agree with #3also. @texasrich it’s more than just advertising. A wrap or good vinyl makes you look professional. Helps you get top dollar. And sets the the stage for you when you show up to do the job.




Do you design this yourself with a program or is this from the wrap company? I’d like to tinkle with some ideas if there is such a program


This is all the sign company designs. I don’t know what software they use.




None of the choices make it immediately obvious what you do. Very few people will know that a window cleaner just drove by.


Fink he said the purpose was to look professional not to bring in customers


Agreed on the 3. I was happy to see after I decided that every one thinking the same. Caught my eyes the best and gave best detail and professionalism


Photo shop brother


I was hoping there was a designated program for vehicle wraps available to use.

But ya, Photoshop would work- although I haven’t used it for 15 years lol


I kind of know how to use it. But I find its not worth the aggravation.


Kind of agree with ya. With Number 3. I would make everything smaller especially website , An make his services & phone number much bigger :+1: