Trolley or Bucket: which is better for a shop run (& why)


Hi everyone,

I do traditional window cleaning for a shop run I have which has about 190 clients

Some window cleaners swear by using a trolley, others hate them.

I’d like to hear the advice of window cleaners doing shop runs on how they organise to carry their gear around when there on the job.

Do you carry a bucket of water and tools, or do you have a trolley system? and more importantly, why have you chosen your current method?

Thanks, I look forward to hearing your feedback and the conversations that follow

Kevin Galea, SqueegeeMEclean


If they’re small stops I’d use water bottles. If they’re bigger then maybe a trolley. Harbor freight has a red welding that will fit a standard bucket really well. It has large wheels which makes it easy to move over curbs.


We have a bladder tank on wheels. You just fill the water boy with pure water about 15 gallons and it is pressurized with ball valve. Works great on store fronts. We also have a tool belt strapped to it with trad tools. We also sale this unit which will carry 20 gallons and has a pump control and rechargeable battery.


Hi Jared,

Thanks for posting. Mind if I ask what were the problems were you attempting to solve by using a trolley system to carry your bucket and gear around while you do your run?


Hi John,

Thanks for you post. I checked out the link. am I right to assume it’s battery powered?

So you use pure water to clean the external facade of your store fronts… what do you do for internal store front’s and / or shopping center work?



I bet he’ll say he uses this,


The problem I was trying to solve was downtown Durango Colorado during tourist season. Parking is impossible and route work is a stone bear during peak tourist.


Been using this for about 6 years and sill do.


Here is my recent change from just a bucket with casters.

Its been a good mobile setup to get me better organized.

Ive taken all the stickers off now of course :slight_smile:


Yes the fillngo is battery powered. Easy to recharge and comes with battery. For insides we use the speed clean kit.


We don’t do route work, however all of our residential window cleaning is performed using 1 gallon jugs with pre-mix solution. We simply poor solution into hip Bucket, dip mop and go. Eliminating dirty water bucket and less water use.


Thats a good idea. Thanks for sharing


160 lbs worth of capacity for a mobile unit

tbh looks overpriced and very cumbersome