Tree sap and skylights?


Anyone know how to get tree sap off of plastic skylight bubbles safely? I have tried soap, water, hot water, goo gone. These are clear plastic skylights. can’t scrub them with anything abrasive cause they will scratch. Just my wet huck towels were starting to scratch them with hardly any pressure. any suggestions? thanks


I’m doubtful on this, but how about soaking it good with a plastic cleaner and after a few minutes “agitate” the spot with a sponge?


Hey Scott the sap on the PLASTIC skylight is your customers problem. The scratches you cause on the skylight will be your problem. If you want to be a hero go ahead and risk it. Plexy glass scratches if you look at it the wrong way. JMO good luck.


I have heard turpentine can be used to remove tree sap from various surfaces. I’ve never tried myself, and I don’t know of the hazards involved.


Seems like some sort of alcohol based product would take it off. As an artist I make my own medium for oil painting and turpentine and tree sap are part of the main ingredients. The turpentine dissolves the sap so I would agree and say try the turpentine, just be sure to wear gloves and don’t breath the fumes.

Although I don’t know what effect it will have on the window. Maybe do a test on something else first.


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Ken Sanderson[/B][/I] SanfordUse Winsol Labs. “PlexiClean” it is non-abrasive and works excellent on Lexan products.
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Normally I don’t touch these sort of things but some how this time I got suckered in. I will check out plexi clean…I am wondering if the oil flow stuff would work?


I’ve yet to find anything that works - just rubbing these skylights with a cloth scratches them.