Tough to Reach Windows


I am new to Waterfed and we are currently using a Magnum 35’ pole for residential, but we’ve run into some windows that we can’t reach with the pole, as in the picture, typically above a lower roof. How do we reach those? Is it using a gooseneck? ! I can’t find any videos online that show how to get to a window above a garage. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Do the windows tilt in?


No ladders. The windows do not tilt in - they do open so that is an option though I’m trying to figure out the option of how to clean with waterfed (as many people are not home for exterior cleans).



ladder is easiest imo

building next too it is close, would require a monster gooseneck.


Are there “monster goosenecks” available? Unfortunately ladders are an option I’m trying to avoid unless it is the absolutely only way to do it.



There is companies out there to help you Reach-iT :wink: that sell goosenecks and side to side swivel ends so you should be able to stand to the side and do it from the ground.


Lately I’m surprised how many guys don’t have ladders or are unable to work from them.

WFP and poles won’t get you very far alone.


Ladder up to the roof edge and WFP from there. No use in making more of an issue than it is. Your next job will be easier.


Honestly though, how can you be a window cleaner without any ladders at all?


My ladders are part of my tool supply. Some days I need them, some days I don’t, just like all of the other accumulated tools in my arsenal. Use the right tool for the job and get it done.


@Steve076 Probably same way that someone can be a business owner without being innovative at all.

In my area employee insurance is 15% more if you use ladders, ladder safety training has become more and more challenging and expensive, and many customers quite frankly are excited to have us not use ladders. As a responsible business owner I am constantly looking to grow with what is changing in the world and this seems like a logical change for our business. There are many window cleaning companies that are quite successful that don’t use ladders…I’m just trying to learn how…which I have done today! Good luck on your ladders, we’ll enjoy cleaning from the ground!


Thanks J-Rod. That seems to align with what I found after a lot of research. I found that you can easily do these windows from the ground using various goosenecks. LADDERS NOT NEEDED.


Not at 24’ with wide sills and not a new guy


If letters in your area are so frowned upon use that as your selling point when bidding not after it already being acquired.

If you will be chasing accounts that require zeto ladder’s you will be extremely limited but possible.

If you took a poll not many would be ladderless 100% I would say possibly one, maybe.

Ladders can be safe, it’s improper use of them that is dangerous.


I agree ladders can be safe. I have done 1000’s of jobs with ladders. That being said, like I said, worker’s comp is much more expensive the moment you use a ladder (whether or not you have a great personal track record with your teams), and training for employees is now very complex and complicated - to do it properly (which we have always done). So we made the decision to eliminate ladders. It’s really not that complex to do those windows with waterfed (now that I know how). Was just asking people that know how to do them properly if they could save me a whole bunch of searching/research on my own.


How many employees do you have ?


So let me get this straight - you have struck a deal with your WC carrier that you will use zero ladders in an industry that uses ladders?


There is no striking a deal. It is government insurance that is mandatory. Pretty straight forward if you clean windows using ladders you pay roughly 6x the rates than if you clean windows from the ground.

@jhans I currently have 7 employees.


Is this only for ladder use or other methods of access like lift work?

I only ask because you would be extremely limited to what work you can pick up only using a pole, I live in Australia we have some of the most tightest OHSA laws in the world, here a ladder is only to be used if no other methods are available, but still as a window cleaner I have several ladders and a ton of experience on all types of lifts and rope access, and I use WFP daily but would never call myself an innovator if I eliminated all other access methods to save a few bucks to do the job properly.

Many jobs are WFP compatible, but not all jobs… I guess if that selected jobs is your “niche” market then hats off, congrats.

I quoted a job yesterday ( residential job over 1k) that the screens were screwed on to the frames with six screws in each screen, these screens must be removed to clean them a cordless impact driver is what is needed and a ladder to access the screens as there would be no other practical method of access to reach theses screens.
Would you just say sorry I don’t want your $1150 for 7man hours work as you don’t use ladders to save 15%?
That sounds very innovative :wink:


With 7 employees and avoiding ladders are you mainly store front?