Tools and Supplies for new guy


I have the 3 gal rectangular but need to get the lid. It is easier to slosh around than a 5 gal bucket. Always get the lid Lads and Lasses.


I had to get a replace lid and need another now. Think i found mine at abc


Its great that you have that much to start. I started with 80 bucks worth of stuff from lowes lol, but i moved on from the cheaper stuff a few months later. Everyone has given you a great list so I’ll just recommend a good squeegee. Sorbo wide body channels are awesome. 18" and a 12" will do you great for starters. Also their quick release handles make life so much easier. Also if you go with the sorbo the publix boab is the best fit for them.


Yeah a mix of graduation money and saving money from a job has me at about 1k$ in my checking account! Willing to put more into the business for business cards, website and so on. Thanks for the squeegee recommendations!