Too High?


Monday- 40 windows. Screens, tracks, double hung, one high octagon over garage. Said $500. “That’s Expensive!” Tuesday- 2fer- House with sun porch-4x4 ft. windows old storms/ 2 story condo- Thinking 300 for house and at least three hundred for condo. Wed.- Ranch house- 23 new vinyl storms with screens/ remove sticker residue on all/ in and out. Said $350. No calls from anybody. Seems like everybody wants tons of work and cleaning for NO money. Cheap date prices. Am kinda upset. The good news is a friend is on a neighborhood watch(?) website and people are asking who knows a window cleaner? Have had two referrals from this, but no takers. Just sorta venting. These are all expensive homes. 300k and up. But no biters. Am I dreaming at 30 to 50 an hour?


Not dreaming at all…pricing seems reasonable…Just because they haven’t called, it doesn’t mean no. Try calling them back after a couple of days… I have had people call 2 years after they got a postcard…


Stick wih your prices. It’s a numbers game. If you give 20 estimates then they all say to high . That is when you reuvaluate.
I’m doing a school right now I bid really high , but got it.
Never give in on your prices Becuse a handful of people devalued your service. Who are they what type of neighborhood? Ther just loking for the last guy , Becuse thats what whoever they find will become.


I’m not sure of the kind of homes and people your bidding jobs for.

The question should come down to how many bids have you put out and how many have you closed?..

Your price could be out of line with the people your bidding jobs for (wrong price…wrong potential customer), it also could be your presentation.


All excellent (and FAST) responses. Am certainly no expert at pitching yet face to face. No fear, but after listening to what customer wants, looking over property, I’ll say…"I’m at $____, and remain silent. Have done this to “When can you start.” And the ol’ we got your number, we’ll call. ( Of course they never do.) Running, time for more flyers and door knocking on Dream Homes. Thanks Pros. You’re the greatest. :no_mouth:


Not everyone is going to be your client. Just because a house is a certain price, that doesn’t always mean they will pay fair prices for a service. Lots of people have more house, than money. Many people today live on debt, and have nothing in savings.


Depending on where you are it still might be winter like weather. It’s still early and many price shoppers or people planning ahead.

Call them back to see if they have any questions or would like to schedule.


all great advice from those above

i would also question what people love in these homes. in our area regardless of the area being nice what language do they speak where are they from?

ive been in exspensive homes that were kept around 90 degrees in summertime!

its always a pretty precise indicator here in my area anyway


Prices looked good. Be confident in your prices and how you offer your bid. Layout for them what they will get from your service, what the price for that service will be, and what your available dates are. Don’t offer your bid as a question, offer it as a statement. If you’re hungry and they say no, ask “If your budget is close then perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle?” If your schedule is looking good, then thank them for considering you and hit the next one.


Its great progress just to be able to orice jobs.

Like many have said, they may not be immediate jobs but possibly the seed was planted for a later date.

I have had many people who I submitted bids for refer me to friends even if they didnt go with my services. Sometimes just being polite and courteous can get referrals from people who would like but not afford the service.


So true. There are a lot of people that live paycheck to paycheck. They just want to say…“Hey we live in XYZ subdivision.”


I[quote=“LoveGlass, post:5, topic:46689”]
I’ll say…"I’m at $____, and remain silent.

No , no and no . That’s awkward . try it like this

Ok Mrs smith , I just looked at all your windows . So to clean all the windows inside And outside , I’ll also clean the screens and tracks . Your total will Be $450( practice this pitch in the mirror many times ) I soon as you say that , look at there body language . If they ask you “does that include that window that really hard to reach window ?” that means they’re good with the price . Say yes ma’am , we’ll do every window. If they something like “we’ll that’s a lot of money , then I just say we’ll you have a lot of windows . For me to clean the windows will take all day . Now if they’re good with the price just say “Did you want to get on the Schedule ? Just practice your pitch using high number . I read that somewhere and it works


Just a different version

"I have two dates available April_ or April_ which days work better with your schedule "


I always give 3 dates to choose from. Lately when they call back to schedule I have only 1 or 2 to choose from because others have booked already. :slight_smile:


I use that “close” every time in person or on the phone. It works well.

There is always a week to 10 days between the 2 dates I give. Its a subconscious “close” , the customer mentally says … “Hmm he must be super busy I should take the first date.”

Most my residential customers I close on the phone. Very rarely will I waste time doing an estimate in person, unless oversized property or special issues like severe hws, new screens etc.


Gentlemen, thank you so much. This is huge. Had a too wordy reply earlier, but in a nut shell I went to the 2 fer house and met the owners, whose daughter I had spoken to about pricing a condo. Well, they did let me do their outsides for 100. So the close ratio isn’t terrible. What’s terrible is when the male with the tail says I’ll have to talk to my wife. Then the wife says your too high, she’ll do it herself. No…I want to talk to the wife who wants the work done. Anywho, great replies all. Thanks so much as I learn the pitching side of things. :zipper_mouth_face:


there’s a huge segment that don’t have their windows cleaned until an event or something

and then they have zero idea what it costs so they kind of lump it in with a housecleaner rate or the typical $200 threshold before something becomes classified as a “big ticket item”


Yeahhhh like the job we booked for next Tuesday at $841 because she wanted it done before an “event” Friday, only to text about an outside only price, to then email saying she wanted to cancel because she got a quote that was considerably less. Ok ma’am, enjoy your $3,000,000 home. And your other cheap neighbor in her $4,000,000 house that’s 8,400 sqft who we won’t be hearing back from either.

Kinda peeved!

It’s those $250-300 jobs that are usually best.


That’s my sweet spot


Like the Dr.'s wife who called me for a 3rd estimate on her glass mansion. “Yeah right, does your husband’s patients try negotiate on his procedures when they get a price they don’t like?”