Too expensive



From what I read in your original post and following replies I believe when you have more experience on the glass your pricing and work efficacy will increase.

If I can make a suggestion to you take the time asap to learn to use your pole, it will save you a lot of time on storefront work.

Your first time clean price seemed with in reason but your maintenance clean price was way high and your job time scope is off, I believe that is/was because of your skill level.

Also you need to remember to do the job your paid to do, don’t leave the glass unclean (some tape etc needed to be removed.)

If I can answer any questions let me know, just tag me in a post that you have questions in (@ wcs).

Good tools and quality practice and new rubber make a big difference.

Good luck out there.


You move on…


So you were using a squeegee rubber that has not been replaced in years!?!?!?! That is the worse thing Ive heard from a professional window cleaner. The rubber is what I think is the most important part of window cleaning. A nice sharp edged rubber on a window with no knicks and a good slippery soap can save you half your time for each window. A streaky window from knicks or rounded rubber will take forever to clean with a towel and if you are super lucky with all that wiping you hope to not have lint or towel marks on the glass.

When I used Ettore squeegees I would have to change them or flip them every couple days becuase they were really soft for me and would always give me problems. Now I use Sorbo, and a rubber will last me at least 1 week and than I flip it if the other side is good or just get a new one. Sometimes I had to change a rubber twice in a day because a job had rough seals that ripped the rubber. I service storefronts and do about 20 a day which is roughly between 200-500 sides of glass per day, depending on what day it is. Squeegee rubber’s are roughly only about $2-$4 a peice depending on size and brand. Not worth trying to save $5-$10 a month for an extra 5-10 hours of work per month of work that shouoldn’t need to be done.


Thanks for all the comments. I’m going to try and rebid it and see if I can get them back. Just to clarify, the squeegees have been sitting unused for a couple years. My wife had used them for a window cleaning business she had before we got married. Apparently they don’t store well as I found out. Lol. Can’t wait for the new blades and scrubber to get here.


FWIW, I think you were lucky to get that job at that price for storefront work even if it was an initial clean. 10 months, nice.