Today's job


Outsides of a bar doing there sides and back windows. Not sure how long they were sitting there.



All day affair for the crew?


15 man days


Waterfed pole


Which wfp at what length?

Nice! Great picture for the office wall.


Use the gardener ultimate and had couple sections left over.

The insides are scheduled for December which will require a Denka lift and a lot of swearing. Architects and designers who install light fixtures that dangle 20 feet from the ceiling in front of a curtain wall, I don’t understand it.


Its ascetically pleasing, they have zero care factor how it gets cleaned, their problem is just to make it look good on paper or a model.


That’s a nice pole!


It’s my favorite pole by far, prices come down on them since I purchase it last year, we’re doing another one


An alternative setup for these standoffs never saw much use for but this worked great thought I’d share hate these window boxes.


That time of year when I find myself burning the candle at both ends, cramming as much in before winter as possible. This week’s job…


4 story building with a two and a half foot overhang under the 4th floor windows.

Gardiner 47 ft extreme with 14" gooseneck, barely enough to reach into the bottom of window.


Everything possible with the right tools and know how!


Have to be super careful of grinding that last section of your expensive pole on that ledge, yeah?


Extreme WFP right there! :sunglasses:


I have broken top section of poles in that same manner just the slightest tap on that can just send enough pressure to snap that top thin section. Easy does it


Do you avoid extending the slimmest one, unless you need the length?


Only when working above 3 floors, stiffer and stronger for sure. I did need to learn it by breaking a few first.


Enjoying the last bits of sunshine and perfect weather…


That’s some skilled Wfp work there Joshua :wink: … you can rock that Wfp brother!

Just proves that if there is a will there is a way!!