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My regular solution.


My regular solution is already mixed up and I’ve never had problems.


I’m not saying thats wrong, I was doing similar for 19 years, however a few months ago I saw a video from @Bubble_Guy, where he was mixing solution up and bottling up, I had read others for ages using methods whether they being straight soap on the washer of a mixed solution on to he window or the washer.
After changing up my set up I mix a 5 liter bottle I fill the empty bottle with water then add 1/2 oz of gg4 and 1/2oz of soap to the 5 liters of water mix it and its ready to pour into my holster bottle, this solution mixed lasts about 5 days (Well thats how long till it runs out).

When I do screen cleaning I add about 1 oz of soap to a down stream bottle which then 2 liters of water is added and it is down streamed to the screens.

I appreciate your method, I am just suggesting an alternative method that might save in costs at the end of the day, as 1/2 cup of each solution for each job would add up quite quickly I would imagine.

I used a bucket for 19 years, it was only 3 months ago or less I went bucket less and I wished I had done it years ago, I did a few homes that I do every year and I saved about 20-40 mins just from not having a bucket to move around it was just boom, boom , boom.


[quote=“Steve076, post:969, topic:26664”]
went bucket less
[/quote] I go with a spray bottle as well but I keep my bucket handy to rinse off my moop every couple of windows because it just gets this build up feel on it and need to rinse the dirt off


Great to hear man! Saves so much wear and tear on the bod. Still need my bucket for the occasional initial clean. Thanks for tuning in, btw :blush:


I don’t use a spray bottle its just an old soap bottle that I pour over the washer or window.

I mainly all resi/commercial no store front anymore, for resi I just use an outdoor tap to rinse out the washer or a laundry sink. for commercial I have a bucket of clean water at a central location.


I did give a soap bottle a try a couple times but I like the spray bottle. It spreads everything out onto the glass instead of on the mop


For me I always try to work as fast and efficiently as possible so a trigger spray takes longer then a pour, and a pour reflects more what the action of a dunk in the bucket but removes the wringing out of excess water, thus eliminating 2 steps that I used to deal with.


Tuesday and Thursday, too large. Ugh, 3-story, but it pays good. Wednesday was 2-story with big glass panels around the upper decks.


DANG Gary, I’m moving where you live :joy:


Here is a job I did a month ago.
It was a CCU, however they had a cleaning company who had the contract, so I was subcontracted to come and clean the glass. they had 1 week until handover, I was gonna pass on it, but threw in a quote for standard clean to only clean the dirt off and not remove construction debris as this whole house is full of low e coat exposed and was covered in silicone wood varnish and oh wait the construction time took over 2 years, oh yeah and they had already landscaped using massive boulders about 1 foot away from the house, so there was no access available other than some expensive scaffolding that the builder wasn’t prepared to get , and that view down the hill, the angle is about 35 degrees, 1 slip your in the gully 300 yards away. and those pics are just from the upstairs level. those windows that are high the external has these massive shutters which are the size of doors have these rams that open and shut them and this is right on the top and bottom where you would have available to place a ladder.
Worst job I have had in a while, supposed to have cost over 2 million dollars.


Take two.


So what chemicals are you using on those, or is it just hot water. From the looks it looks greasy rather than moldy?





The r202 is downstreamed and is the weakest of the three. Zep is next with 1% sodium hydroxide, then Nu Brite at 15% sodium hydroxide.

Yes, fast food grease with years of neglect. Idk if it was ever cleaned professionally in 30 years.

Oh, then DS bleach as post treat and let it dry. 2gals bleach, 3 gal h2O.

Scrubbed dumpster pad twice with NuBrite. Surface cleaned 3x and still didnt get it all.


First clean for reoccurring customer that just completed construction addition. The company that did the construction clean scratched most every window. New Castle glass, of course.


Screw that, hurricanes are not happy.


In/out?. If both, were the inside ones easy to access?


Ladder work from stairwell for half of the insides.

The weren’t aware of the scratches until I brought it to their attention.


Wrapping up a pressure washing job today.