Today's job


I had no idea what the house looked like before I got there I was driving up the street thinking to my self I bet its that big sucker, I smelt of chlorine and was wearing thongs(flip flops):stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a strong team you got there. :wink:


I am not talking about the excess water around the frame. I know cut ups bleed but if you push it out with air, it’ll force the bleeding faster which means you can detail it faster and probably less. Instead of wiping and being like oh great, more bleeding. I have had cut ups.bleed and I’ll wipe it and then it’ll bleed more and I have gone back to check and even more can come out. If you push it all out the first time with air that would stop the bleeding from continuing.

I see what @HoosierSqueegee is saying.

Like it bleeds from the middle of the cut up down to the next cut up? At least that’s the bleeding I am referring to or do you mean just from the very top of the frame? I’m curious and now.looking at different threads about it lol


Still not what I was referring to.

The drift of water from one pane to the next was not the problem, the white residue from the frames was the problem.

The chalky mess, the oxidation from the frames leaves a milky white residue on the glass.


Oh ok I got ya. Thanks lol.

That, I have yet to see. But I see why the air wouldn’t work for it.


Thanks for clarifying.


I get what you are talking about now too.

I have one house on my list that has oxidized frames like that. Painted wood.

Has to be cleaned with my WFP or they don’t look good. I got no time for the wipe. Wipe again. Wipe it again.


Gutter and window cleaning. Solo, wifey off today. Probably one of our best weeks if not the best to date. And it’s only September, Florida.


Solar screen hell. 3 bucks, 3 bucks, 3 bucks.


@Trenchfeet how are you washing them ? Are you using screen magic ?


Cleaning the windows in a shack this morning. Ok, the owners would probably prefer it be called a camp. After all, it does have electricity and running water

For scale: that window is tiny. Like barely 2’x3’.


Look at that power/soft washing opportunity!


Meh. The whole place needs paint. Plus I don’t know what their outdoor water situation is. I’m happy to let the painters take care of this one :smirk:


My regular window cleaning solution. 1/2 cup dawn, 1/2 cup under easy glide to 5 gallons water and a tired old scrubber on my back flip handle. Key is to get em really sudsy.


Half a cup, they will be hella sudsy alright.


5 gallons


oh for the screens, never mind then as you were :blush:


Um I have never used this before so I find it a little odd this would help with screens but I don’t doubt it.
Have you tried to leave it out and just use the dawn?

or wait

Is that your regular window cleaning solution, or just an increased mix for the screens?


1/2 cup of dish soap is excessive and likely takes more time than required to completely rinse all that residue away.

Interested why use Easy Glide on screens?


That does seem like a lot of soap even if not in the concentrated form.