Today's job


New gated community with a marina off of the lake. 102 lots and half are sold. Builders are starting to build. These are the two spec houses the the brokerage behind this asked me to clean and maintain for showings. I was informed afterward that I am listed as one of their preferred vendors for builders and customers. Not a bad day for working on a holiday weekend.


Stunning man. Good stuff!


nice houses what are the prices going for on those houses.
Not the window cleaning price but the value of the houses .


Not sure of the exacts, but the listings for lots are from 170s to 800. I would assume the first ones in will get better deals as they will have to put up with surrounding construction.


Today’s resi job. I like their decor.


Ipc boars hair bush , yesterday’s job


do you have other Boar’s hair brushes? How do you like the IPC? I have the unger nlite and I’m just not quite perfectly happy with it.


Ipc boars hair is ok , I have seen the unger boars hair in action and I think the ipc is better . Ipc uses a shorter hair and it’s really stiff . I seen the unger , and the hairs get really tangle up and when wet looks like it has very little hairs .

Now what I don’t like about the ipc is that it’s really heavy and you have to take off the glass to rinse . But I think that’s with every boars hair . Also when scrubbing it scrubs good but it grips on the glass and difficult to move around . But it cleans well. Also , I had to trim the hairs from around the jets , because it would block the flow . I think my next brush will be the tucker hybrid with Steele wool attachment , I just been to busy to order , I will soon thought


Today’ Job. Nothing special other than it’s the last house I’ll clean in the Denver metro area. A little bit of a tear jerker :cry:. It’s been a little rough for me to hand the reins over to someone else. While I’m done physically with the biz, I’m still helping out with some of the back end stuff.


I’ve been there as well . Twice. In Tennessee and Ireland. That’s when you realize how much a relationship you developed with some of the customers. But it’s fun to move on to the next challenge as well.

BTW - you should watch Justified before you move to East Tennessee. It’s a glimpse into where you are going.


Look great Alex!

I know that feeling, when I handed the reins over to my brother after 20 years owning my first business. It to all time to adjust.

Have a blast on your guys new journey!


I usually pole this with super mad skills, but I’m more of a ladder guy





I was thinking of buying one of those type ladders. Is that a 22ft? I got a 10ft one and trying to decide on a regular 20ft ladder or one of these multi ones


It’s the kpro 26ft, it’s a really good ladder to my setup. I’ve been using it a lot since I put my Alaco sectional out of commission. It’s got tons of uses, really stout and heavy. Just waiting to buy another sectional.


Cool thanks man! :slight_smile:


Shop vac time!


polishing up the neighborhood bus stop


Mt Denali (aka McKinley) shrouded in clouds while I am driving 600 miles north to see my kids and grandson. My son and I have a resi WC job Monday, finally getting work in their area to defer my travel expenses.