Today's job


So the home had around 55 of those 20 pane units?

That’s pretty dang impressive. 50 regular double hung windows is usually a long day for me.

Which is funny, because when you think of it, 15 seconds per pane (7.5 per side) comes out to less than 5 hours for 1100 panes. It must be all the other stuff that happens in between. Like WCR & FB breaks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What the hell what the hell what the hell?!


That makes my ocd want to grab a brick…


24x20 Windows in and out plus a sunroom. 520 total in and out equals 1040 plus 8 over a door and a sunroom with 32 total. 1080 exactly in 10 hours. Including lunch time and futzin around. It was a long day. Here it is 5:50 heading back out. Lol


Ok, that makes a little more sense. Still pretty impressive :thumbsup:. I don’t think I could have done that house in any less time, tbh.

I tend to do “sprints” on homes like that, interspersed with frequent, brief respites. I would never be able to run a marathon, lol.


This week’s job:

A ton of giant 6/6’s with triple track storms. I ache all over, lol.


I’m impressed! I have a hard time getting the count right with only 30-40 windows ;0


I bet, triple track storms (ugh) make for a long job.

My days are considerably easier…


First time I ever used DI was on this job about 5 months ago and i didnt know what i was doing. The tds was over 500 and all I had was the Unger hydro power stage 1. I blew through that resin so fast it was terrible. Still got the job done though.

They called me back again for another clean, so today was my first time using my new diy RO/DI cart it was amazing 000 all day long. I love this RO so much!


52 of these 9 pane windows plus 72 other panes


Ugh, @leavingnc I feel you. We do a 6500 sq ft home with them. Their check at the end makes it all worth it!


Today’s quote. First one this big. The whole house is loaded with crazy storms!

Today’s job: 2nd story work only plus 48 Cut ups in the front of the house. Sweet, easy job!


Gotta love it when the skylights aren’t some rediculous pitch.


Life was good up there 🖒


Or cut into a tile roof.


Yesterday, big job, big windows, hot as hell out!

Today, big job, big windows, hot as hell out.


Crazy. What did u charge for that window of you dont mimd me asking?


Making a sunroom sunny again


Nice house Garry.
Did you get it done in one day by yourself?


The first one is a quarterly, the second a first clean.