Today's job


Nice problem solving! Roof pumps can be annoying


Dang! That’s a lotta acreage you gotta whiten… :sweat_smile:
What is the surface material of that roof?


Membrane roofing


Today’s view with the family
(Much needed)


How long will that last until next cleaning?


6 story residential. Very rewarding job.


Just looking at that hurts my neck.




Gutters, vine trimming, roof sweep and skylights done.


Cool looking job!

… just watch the angles of those ladders sets.


It was fun!

Absolutely. The yellow 32 footer was just placed there. When it was used, a stabilizer was added to it and it wasn’t on such an angle.


Back to School Cleaning Time


My “professional” services


Starting to think I want to quit my job and come work for you. Lol


Some interior work. Windows, then relamping


Can’t wait until I get those kind of jobs. Nice.


I’ve been asked a few times if I would install new lights while up on the lift… btw, that’s a great idea wrapping your basket with foam. Way to go, very professional.


CCU, I think they made a mistake… or the buyer wanted the sampler pack.


Wow that is first for me to see that “option” package.


1100 panes in and out and 10 hours later. That’s 110 panes an hour. I think @Alex_Lacey can dig those numbers.