Today's job


Got a bank with Windows just like that


a roll up wall of windows that haven’t been touched for a long while


Jeff I get where you are coming from. I am concern with safety and wouldn’t do anything that is beyond my capabilities. I have refused to clean certain windows at homes due to lack of access or beyond reasonable means of doing them safely. I’ve use my harness and lanyard every time I clean this restaurant since they have anchor points at every window.

Or when homes have them installed.

You’re right it was a dumb posting. My question to you with all sincerity how would you clean that window traditionally (I couldn’t use WFP as it was above the entrance door that was in use)? I cleaned the home mostly with WFP except for four ladder sets. This home as the majority that I do have tile roofs with no anchors.

Interestingly I signed up for an osha training course last spring with Michael Draper, but the course was canceled day of event due to lack of attendees.


Funny thing, if you asked all the people who had accidents if they were doing something that was outside their capabilities what do you think their answer would have been if asked before they fell.

Many cleaners are capable of stretching the limits and it’s clear with the irresponsible fatality and accident rate in the industry.

Just for example look where Diego and his family are now because of something that he’s done many times before.


Every time I get up on a roof I think of him. Again I’m asking what would you do with tile roof? I’m not looking to argue with you, but honestly looking for input. WFP has been a time and life saver, but not always the best option. I have considered up selling anchor installations on regular asphalt shingle roofing, but not even sure what the options would be on tile.


1% will install anchors so no help There.

If it’s a house where somebody is using the entryway simply say I need to use this water fed pole above your entryway for 5 minutes. If it’s commercial do it before the job opens



I did a carpet store with 4 roll up windows like that last month. They hadn’t been touched in years.


It was fun. I had to steel wool everyone of those. Man those things were looking good when I got done with them! Called the customer back, I mean client since she will be on a schedule cleaning, today to do a follow-up because it was her first clean and she said there was a problem… people already got their finger prints all over them :slight_smile: I also asked if her neighbors needed theirs done as well (which they really do) and would give her a discount off her next cleaning if she referred them to me


I give my clients a magic eraser to use on fingerprints. Only if they don’t have tint inside. Make smudges disappear without streaks.


Some places have me come just because they can’t figure out how to get rid of them. Make a pile of money off finger prints. Lol


A thousand cut ups with storms… but a decent view


Roof cleaning today


Just got the ok to start exterior tinting on this big boy september 1st. Just one side for now. Hope to get the rest tho!




How long that take with a pump sprayer and brush?

No roof pump available?



Yo Mike don’t forget the sunscreen!


Lol dude ive never been that high. I’m bringing a parachute


Roof pump blew up early in the job, so had to finish with pump sprayers. Some extra time in fall protection setup. About 4.5 man days totalUploading…