Today's job


Dang. That’s a pretty steep mountain


making glass disappear


Roof cleaning on a cloudy day



bi-weekly job


That would be a great cover photo for some marketing pieces. I want to be there just looking at it.


Return film job, did skylights last month. Today the lowers.


That looks :+1: How long did it take you? And is the return on doing it more than it costs for materials?


Took me 3 hours for 11 windows. Film cost about 300. A squirt of soap and a roll of paper towels. Job sold for 1500.


What beach is that?


Mission beach, San Diego.


I guess all beaches probably look similar from that view but I knew I recognised it. I was down there last week.


Had a good time today finishing up CCU, Always good when they end on a good note.


Gotta ask, is your lanyard just wrapped around the sun screen?


yeah, it’s wrapped around the frame.


We couldn’t get by doing things that way here.


lol there’s a series of events that led to me having to do it that way, trust me I know. This job was a major headache from the beginning, but in the end, today I had a good time going against the grain.



Today’s office view…


Pressure washing is a nice break from window cleaning eh Steve?