Today's job


+1. And how he makes those companies that use cranes and stuff. @Pure_Water_Window_Cl is prob done before they are even done setting up haha


Nice work Joshua, your the man brother!!


I like the the way the side pop off the cart , it like it’s a convertible, Joshua!


Epic! What pole is that? How do you even get that much pressure on a pole that length?


It’s a Gardiner Xtreme 47 foot 3rd gen with the new 3 section Ultimate extension (18 feet). Between the two you can add 5 foot Xtreme High Strength extensions to add length and stability in the middle.

It’s all in the hips.


That’s incredible, man. Nice work


Really cool! Inspiring!
Never problem to have access to water at the customer?


You need a standoff for your ladder. It looks like you have plenty of stretch with the ladder, just need some support to keep you off those windows.

I did this setup for my standoff for a job that has huge tall windows and my standoff was too narrow.


That is a nice pole. Saweet

Just dawned on me. Only a window cleaner would comment on how nice of a pole another window cleaner has. Lol


Thank you Garry!

I really like your standoff! I opened my new one up today and used it…great angle and made life much easier.
I will have to rig mine up like that for sure next time I have windows like this!

Again, great idea and much appreciated!!



I did this setup for my standoff for a job that has huge tall windows and my standoff was too narrow.


Great idea, Garry.


Thanks! No water source problems. I always confirm for sure that the property manager has turned the water source on.


Another day, another geometric window to clean. Mountain views all over the place, mayn. My newish employee kicking glass and taking panes.



…What a hunk…


Over 700 panes on pool house alone. I already did the house wash and wfp windows last week. 130 degrees inside this room right now. Big money and a repeat. Love my job.


They like their glass!


Fixed it for ya’


Wow! Good money for sure!


Today’s job… 152 exterior panes…

All traditional, 2 hours, 2 guys.