Today's job


The cuts on the wrists are almost healed.
And the numbness in my pinky finger went away… yesterday?

Thanks for asking! :slight_smile:


Film then clean. Damn its hot in here!!


Nothing special today,just another wfp job


house wash/glass in and out w screens. Easy money.


Sunglasses are your best friend and also help protect your eyes from that blinding sun.Houses painted white are a delight on sunny day!!


I’m guessing there is no ropes on those sash windows?
Hope the recovery is going well and not much lasting damaged caused to your wrists (most valuable tools we have)


They were there… but they snapped/broke loose.

I remember telling one of my guys “I heard something, but didn’t realize it fell.”
(I likened it to those people who get shot, and dont realize it)

What I heard was the weight drop, and then the window.fell.






You’ll get over your fear of heights quick in these parts!


First time a dude on a bike cleans a 7 story building? No wonder the big guys want me out of the game…

Of course, they have to leave them open…

12 sections fully telescopic…


Like a motorcyle or a ring ring bicycle?


Ring ring all the way…

April through July I’ll be saving $100 a week in gas and many hours each week in traffic and hauling equipment in.

Actually, Since March 1st I’ve used my truck only 2 days for work!

Here’s a job that was a 60 km round trip. I shed the box and took it as a flatbed to lighten the load. It was 50 minutes each way and it was a peaceful riverside bike trail. It easily could’ve taken and hour each way driving the truck.


Good Job!


Thats the shit !


That is WICKED awesome! With WFP too. I may be able to trad and just carry a backpack…seriously. Inspiring…

Ps. You must be in great shape…


This is really all you need if you want to keep things super simple but extremely profitable… literally competing with the big boys. I have jobs that used to use some of the bloated, low quality, massive companies in my area. Jobs that used to take 4+ guys the same amount of time.

It’s the most liberating decision I’ve made in several years. I wish more people would see the benefits of biking!

All this mess for a 5 story building…


Some areas dont work well for biking. But yeah i think if biking is an option. Even for some jobs. Not a bad idea.


If I lived in a Metro area like Montreal I’d definately have an eye on a nice bike. That said Montreal is a pretty packed in city. Not all cities are so densly populated. But yeah in an urban area like that it’s well worth consideration. I like how you approach what cards your dealt. Bravo