Today's job


It’s always good to see @JfromtheD around the yard!


“Yard Barker.”


When your leisure “$170” Saturday job turns into a $550 job with 2 more afterward. Ugh.


Don’t give us the “ugh”, your smiling all the way to the bank! :wink:


Its true! I just had to move a couple things around in the schedule. More money es bueno! She had no problem spending the extra money. She literally walked to her airplane as we were leaving and proceeded to fly away to her other home in AZ. Haaaa


Buddy how about that az house? She obviously needs a good window cleaner here too.


Finished my 100 year old (fit it in when you can) house today.

Made a rookie mistake, and trusted the weighted window sash.
Muscled the window up, went to remove screen, and down came the window.

Like a f-ing guillotine, came down on my wrists.

I have a ton of 2x2 wood that I could have used to brace it up, but I didn’t.

Slammed my finger so hard yesterday

I guess it would have been easier to tie a string around your finger…

How’s the wrist…


Hope the wrist is feeling better.


Don’t you just love those indoor ladder jobs?


I have mixed feelings! But-- the stack ladders make it a joy👍


Nothing special about the film job today. Guy wouldnt stfu. But i was done by 1230 and made a g. Cant beat it.


Nice pic.


Sometimes I think to myself "its not glamorous work but it pays the bills…"

Anyone else working today?


what kind of filter is that?


I received my first swivel handle the other day and today was my first job since then. Man, was I there way longer than I wanted to be lol. I decided to do these windows.last which was a huge mistake because the sun was right in my eye. I also didn’t have a long enough pole and man do I wish I had a WFP. Lol all in good time. Note to self: grab a 24 foot pole. Lots to learn still but enjoying the work :slight_smile:


True it is not glamorous work but it is satisfying to make things look bright and clean.


It is the RHG deionizing filter.


It’s nice and small. Looks light.


Exactly. Works very well as a carry around filter.