Today's job


So last job of the day, I go into the basement to clean the windows and these were in front of like 4 of them. I’m standing up on a ladder, and take a pic. One is taller than me, the rest are like shoulder to knee height, and I think oh cool picture to put on the forum. So I carefully scoot them, what I think is far enough away to squeeze in and get the windows. I squat down to close out on one of them and whipped my arm back to put my squeegee back in my boab and nailed my elbow on the cactus that was directly behind me. Man… my clumsiness know no bounds.


just be careful there lady.


Nice. My older brother hit me in the forehead with one of those back in the 80’s. Dad removed the spikes with plyers.

At least you didn’t have to deal with this crap. Got rained on for almost two hours today.


Honestly i think there’s some left in my arm. It’s all raised up and still hurts lol


Tea Tree oil


“And don’t forget the Pergola” she says. Sure, thanks for removing the lights! Preciate it…


Those aren’t too bad. Had one customer who had a cactus in front of her shop (to prevent drunks from sleeping in her alcove) and the big needles would go right through your jeans… BUT it was the little tiny needles that surrounded the big needles that would stick in your pants and you couldn’t get them out. They were hard to see, hard to find, and almost impossible to pull out. The big ones would poke you and leave you alone, the little ones followed you all day.


@K1ttenpantz Someone already mentioned this but when you look closely at the needle of the cactus it has hairy spines that come off the needle. The needle is the delivery system for those things. It’ll be irritated for a few days, just be glad they didn’t stab you in a more inconvenient place than the arm.


Yea It bruised the back of my arm a bit. Only have like 2 raised bumps left. And of course when I hit it I ripped my arm up so it’ scratched me too lol



God Bless America!


Finished my first hotel. It was built in the 40s and had a wide variety of additions and several types of windows.


Storm Window Hell :expressionless:


All those windows had storm windows on them?
How did you make out on your bid price?


lol. Yep. Every last one of em.

The storms are a pain, they arent sliders, so its taking sooo much longer.
The far right window, above the driveway is where I finished.
That window was so tight, I swear to God, it took 4 of us to close it.
(somehow one guy got it OPEN, and jammed it…)

  • but the time sucker is the fact that its a 100 yr old house,
    and probably hasn’t been cleaned in just as long.


I think I hate Storms more than anything.
Kansas and Oklahoma is saturated with them…at least back in 2004-2005 they were everywhere.
So far, here in Corpus I’m not seeing a lot, not in the areas I’m focusing in. However, a lot of windows here you can’t take the screens off from the outside. Kind of defeats the outside only bids…still better than the storms.


For the most part, Im ok with storms (I dont LIKE them, but…)

Sliders are really easy, and you can weed out those who fear storms in general.

But this one is one of those “eesh, I cant wait to get out here” type jobs.
My neck is JACKED up from fighting the actual “window” window to get them in and out.


Hey J , nice to see you here again . Man that house looks like a beast . How many guys and days that thing going to take you guys ?


Good to BE seen! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Im doing a few hours each day, thru the weekend.
Mixing it in with other stuff… thats why I took it, because of the flexibility.

Hoping to finish Sunday.

4 guys today… was expecting 5, but one screwed up his ankle.

  • Id LOVE to have this awesome story, about killin it on a job site…
    But truth be told, he got out of bed and flat out stepped on it wrong.