Today's job


Actually moose turds are hard pellets but the post holing they make is a footing hazard, especially when people plant moose friendly shrubs in front of their windows.


New guy to drop work. He did great, plus nice weather.


Todays office views…

And it’s only 11:15am…


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I don’t think I could ever get tired of this part of the world.


Beautiful, Alex. Thanks for sharing. Good for you.


Is that the Sandias Mountains?


I believe Haystack and/or Mount Snow. My geography is horrible. But this was taken in Wilmington, VT

Fun fact: ‘Snow’ was the name of the family who owned much of the surrounding land ages ago. It’s by complete coincidence that it is now a popular ski resort :sunglasses:


Thanks. Please remind me of this post come next February and I’m cursing Vermont winters… :wink:


I grew up somewhere over those mountains in Cabot, Vermont.


Here’s what I’m up to today. Bandit sign marketing campaign… All homemade if you couldn’t tell.

Cost almost ten bucks for 88 signs between photocopies and screws. Wood and cardboard Are free dumpster scores.


Ha! Small world. My Grandfather grew up in Danville. We just got back from vacationing there yesterday. We rent a couple cabins for a couple nights on Joe’s Pond every summer.


Good luck Will thats showing moxie!

I think @Skipper would agree.


What happens when it rains?


the signs get wet!

He’s in a dry climate most of the year by the time monsoon season get’s there he can get new signs! :slight_smile:


I would have laminated them, but thats just me


Dude that’s like 75 Cents @ conservatively. Sweats the wrong horse. Sign cops will have them down in two weeks max. If we get rain before then I’ll come work for you for free for a week. Hell if the forecasted high goes below 100 for a week I’ll do it. Lol.


The kids from Danville used to come to our school. Brought the class of 92 to a grand total of six. Lol


This is a retreat that for missionaries that work in Wrstern Alaska. I only charge them for seven windows but I usually do a bunch more for free because I like what they are doing.


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