To replace the glass or not?


At what point do you know whether or not it would be cheaper to just replace the glass rather than trying to restore it?

This building has 10 years worth of hard water build up on their windows and I’ve tried 2 different methods to remove this stuff and it’s like I’m not even making a dent. I used Bio Clean and a ton of elbow grease. No luck. I even tried using OneRestore and that didn’t work either.


Spray it down with a strong phosphoric acid mix, might help.


Have you used Lime Away with Steel Wool ?


sometimes elbow grease isn’t enough and you have to break out the power tools.


I can see the lime build up on the frames. Seems obvious to me, that this is an extreme case of a sprinkler spraying glass for quite some time.

Likely the only way to get it cleaned up at this point is going to take mechanical means (grinding the glass), especially since you have tried two different chemical methods and it’s not budging. The staining has probably dug into the glass at this point.