Titan Cement Off question


Anyone have any advice on using this product? I have heard good things about it. I watched a video posted by Titan Laboratories on how to use it.

I have a customer that is almost finished building their home. I don’t do CCU work anymore, but I told them I would try and take the cement splatter off the back windows. The builder has a crew that will do the remaining CCU work.

Thanks for the advice!


I ask because the video is over 4 years old. Sometimes companies change formulas over time. I didn’t know if I should take extra precautions. Maybe use blue painters tape over the frame of the window. I don’t want to mess anything up.
Or just roll with the current instructions


Hey Chad yea the painters tape isn’t a bad idea. Work slow! And watch where you drip.


Thanks Chris! I was surprised no one responded to my post.


Used it once with happy results.

Several dime to half dollar size spots and lots of splatter.

Apply as directed
Dwell time (more than expected)
6 inch razor

Had one window which was the main issue. Memory says worked on it for 1-2 hours but got plenty more done during dwell time


Sorry I didn’t get to you sooner! Just getting back from Branson…


Thank you!


No problem. Thank you for responding.


I don’t do construction cleans anymore, but I have used that product many years ago. If nothing has changed I remember dwell time to be key. Like Dave said, more than expected.

Best of luck!


Thanks Seth


Probably a great product. The active ingredient is likely the 20% acetic acid. From what I remember I had developed a grassroots test to see what acid would eat up concrete but not touch aluminum frames or glass. If my memory is OK I discovered acetic and nitric. Of course nitric is rather regulated since people use it to make nitroglycerin and other compounds that explode. Acetic can be obtained at a higher concentration. I had a fifty percent bottle once. Only problem with that stuff is it stinks real bad. Concrete removal is best to do with a brush. Gently so as not to scratch. Trick is too if you can get it within a couple days it just about falls off the glass. But what contractor knows that. And especially glass can be protected with a brush on coating like WinDOcoat. Which I will be demonstrating at the 84 Diner GS Products Meet.



Thanks for sharing Henry. I am going there on Fri to take the concrete off. I think it has been on the 2 windows less than 2 weeks. I went look at it yesterday. The Titan cement off came in yesterday evening. I will keep everyone posted on the results.