Tired and unmotivated


Ok just thought what should motivate you


lol I’ll be ready tomorrow!


If you do go down the route of employment you are forced to be more motivated and led by example. Hopefully the start of next year I’ll be ready to employ part time or even full time.


That getting close. I might need a little more


Nice see … Ya need someone like me around ." Come on one more push it out give me one more ". "One more house you got it in you " . :stuck_out_tongue::moneybag:


Money motivates -
$1,000,000 year
$83,000 month
$19,230 week (6 days; don’t die trying!)
$3,205 day
$320 hr (10-12 hours; don’t die trying!)

Point is, some jobs pay more than others, and success comes from chasing the rainbow. Hell, even cut the above numbers in half. :wink:


Maybe try to start working 4 days a week. That has helped me in all aspects of my life.


I have thought of that since I have a good employee now, I do high rise also so untill i can properly train somone who is competent to do so I gotta keep rolling. I feel better now that the shivers and headaches are gone. had to eat. lol but I really do want to work less hours soon. I’ve been doing it non stop for a long time and I know I’m preaching to the choir, but having good help makes me more fortunate than most on here. thank you.


When I get there I’ll buy them for you. :slight_smile: In MO we get landowner tags on top of the regular tags. This past year population was good so my brother got 2 landowner tags and I got 2 deer tags AND 2 turkey tags for bow season. It was the 1st year in about 12 I didn’t put any meat in the freezer though…


Dang man tough luck. You ever come to Idaho elk hunting let me know.


1.Define lazy.
2.Learn to say no to new jobs.
3. “Being Motivated” is not the god you want to worship.
4.Feeling like a zombie comes from a lack of balance.


Shut the front door! My buddy and I were trying to decide between hunting Elk this year in Idaho or Colorado. I’d love to pick your brain. It’s our first Elk trip.


I’ll hook you up with my cousin. He is just out of high school so all he does is shed hunt and look for elk and deer for hunting season.


This has turned into a parallel thread. Start another under “Way Off Topic” please.




Party pooper


Hey I can’t find how to message you, but my buddy and I are trying to nail down some details for our Elk trip this November. If your cousin would be interested in guiding have him reach out to me. squidsllc@gmail.com

Thanks in advance!


Hey was really nice meeting you at the convention, sucked it was so brief.