Tired and unmotivated


this week has been a weird week for me, ive been tired all the time and unmotivated. I’m always 100 miles an hour and I just don’t feel it this week. I’ve got so much work to get done, I don’t understand why I’m being lazy this week, it’s pissing me off! has anyone else experienced this? what do you do too get out of it?


Can you try to get more sleep


I feel that way once a week… but the ultimate vision is to creat a business worth selling so I can start another one. I think we’ve grown leaps and bounds over most businesses our age because I do shit unmotivated people are unwilling to do. No unscheduled days off.

In 5 years I’ll have a deer camp, 4 wheelers, a big old M35 deuce to be reckless in, tractors and stuff for digging holes for no real reason and some real ones, and a place for my family to come to for holidays, or to get away and play. I’ll have all the time I could ever want to fish, hunt, hike, build fun shit (gun & archery range with a berm and shooting benches, hunting blinds and stands you could live in, a man cave tree house… you know… important stuff.)


Go fishing or build fun shit on Sundays. Turn your phone off after 7:00 and on Sunday. Winter is right around the corner and we’ll all get a little break.


Burning out?

You need to make sure you are getting enough sleep and eating right, first,

You also need to make sure you are getting some “you” time. Be that time with family or whatever you enjoy. It’s hard to stay motivated when you do nothing but bust azz.


Yeah I haven’t took some time off in a while and I haven’t been eating in mornings just get up and go. sometimes I feel like a zombie cleaning windows.


I try but I got a two yr. old and a new born baby. my wife is amazing but I like to help.


Same here. Real busy. Got two separate businesses going and a three yr old plus a 7week old. And Im bout to take on building a guest house and garage… Only thing is need more sleep. Fun fun. Go go


Schedule “You” just as much as you schedule “Work”.

By that I mean:

  • Alarm; set
  • Breakfast; set
  • Time out the door; set
  • Job estimate time; set
  • Next job time; set
  • Day finished; set (but can fluctuate)

Then with that set your end of the week goal is to bank the best you can, and after a day or two to recharge yourself, try to tweak next week - Same/Better, whichever it needs.

Nutrition and personal time is as important as being focused on work. We are not machines, we are Humans.


that’s crazy, I just bought a house and in process of remodeling it, and building a garage on the side of it. lol




The only thing we have in life is time. And there is only so much of it.

I keep myself pretty scheduled for everything. Work, personal, even time here. I only allow so much time for things.

What is important to you, should have priority.

Even things like a phone call, can eat away at your time in a day, so even limiting time for those things, helps get your life back.

The most successful people live by schedules. Get in routines and stick to schedules.


suggest you start employing. this doesnt need to be all day every day the big commitment, a parttimer will motivate you just as well, and of course help you. The first time you order him/her to go get a rag from your vehicle,leaving you to stay where you are for once ,youll know youve made a good move


And if you are a solo operation “employ yourself”.

Why Gar, whatever do you mean by that?
Glad that you asked.

Expect from yourself what you would expect from an employee - if you had one.

Did your employee (you) skip breakfast and now is too run down to get the job done right? Need to have a discussion with him (yourself).

Is your employee (you) burning the candle at both ends? Need to discuss time management and job priorities with them (yourself).

Does your employee (you) have poor nutritional or substance issues? If it effects the job, need to discuss solutions with them (yourself).

You get the drift on all of that, right?

Treat you as much as an employee as you treat an employee.


Thanks guys, I’m gonna take what you guys said about eating and schedule myself seriously. I have an employee, he has been on vacation at Sturgis and won’t be back till next week, crazy huh? employees get vacation but I haven’t had one since I started the business. lol


Thats a really good perspective, thanks bro.


Where do I need to buy my tags to get in on this deer camp?


Just cant let mental defeat creep in


Last Fall I was worn out and decided to take it easy when not on the job. After several months I could to afford to hire a part time employee and I recovered.

I consider the employee expenses to be an investment in organizational depth. Now I can afford to go out of town to see my kids and grandson and I am less concerned about missing work due to sickness or injury.


Of course!!! Chalk it up as it happens. Can’t tell you how to Re-motivate yourself again , but you will.